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Texas Hold'em Poker

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Texas Hold'em Poker features

Players are dealt two ‘hole' cards at the beginning of each game. As the game progresses, 5 community cards are dealt to the table, which all players share.

These community cards arrive in a specific sequence: the ‘flop', which consists of 3 cards being dealt simultaneously; the ‘turn', also known as ‘fourth street'; and the 'river', or ‘fifth street'.

A round of betting is held after each of the four deals, these fall pre-flop, when each player has only their two face-down pocket or hole cards; post-flop; and after both the turn and river cards have been dealt. Once all betting is completed there is a showdown, where the best hand tabled by a player that is still in the game will win the pot.

The player with the best five-card hand wins the pot. In the event of player's hands being the same, the pot will be equally divided between the players.


mFortune’s Texas Hold’em features a blind system, with varying levels of small and big blinds playing out at different tables. Two players on the table will pay small and big blinds before the deal. The big blind will be equivalent to the first bet buy in – if they decide to ‘call’ (match) the bet after seeing their cards – for the rest of the table, while the small blind will be half of this value.

After all players have either called the blind or folded their hands, the player with the big blind is given the opportunity to raise, if they decide to ‘check’ – i.e. keep the game rolling without increasing the bet, essentially this is a free call – the betting round will end.

In future betting rounds players have the opportunity to wager a bet, call another player’s bet, raise another player’s bet, check if there’s been no bet, or fold if they do not wish to continue with the round.

Winning Hands

Hands will be ranked as follows:

Royal Flush – A, K, Q, J, 10 in the same suit

Straight flush – five consecutive cards, for example 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, all in the same suit

Four of a kind – four matching cards, for example four Js

Full house – three matching cards with a pair, for example three 10s and two 5s

Flush – five cards of the same suit, but not in a consecutive sequence

Straight – five consecutive cards in sequence, with different suits

Three of a kind – three matching cards

Two pair – two separate pairs of matching cards, for example two 2s and two 4s

Pair – Two cards of the same number

High card – If none of the above hands come out in a game the winning hand will be deemed to be that which holds the card of the highest value


Player Accounts

In the interest of fairness, players are restricted to one active mFortune account. Any duplicate poker accounts will be closed on detection.


We use sophisticated software to detect possible collusion in online play and we regularly review play history and will subsequently investigate any activity we deem suspicious. Our Security Team can monitor betting patterns, card history, player combinations and final hands for all players that called the river card, as well as numerous other fields, to enable us to detect collusion.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to suspend or close a Player Account and to void any withdrawals and remove any balance (being cashable credit, bonus credit or both) in a Player Account that attempts collusion.

If you suspect that other players may be acting in collusion, email us at

Prohibited Software (3rd Party Software)

The use of any software containing the following features is strictly prohibited:

· Enabling play without human intervention such as the use of automated "bots”

  • Automating Decisions
  • Sharing hole card information

· Providing real time poker coaching

A Player shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to their, or third parties’, participation in any of mFortune’s Games or Services. Players shall not use any software-assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices for their participation in any of the Games or Services. We hereby reserve the right to invalidate any betting in the event of such behavior and close your account.

Should you suspect players of fraudulent activities please email us at:

Chip Dumping

mFortune do not tolerate Chip dumping. Anyone involved in this type of activity will have their account suspended and risk forfeiting all of their funds. If you suspect that other players may be acting in this way, email us at


Players MUST accept the risk of disconnection. Disconnections can and do occur. In these circumstances, the Player is advised to log back on as quickly as possible. To limit potential disconnection difficulties, please consult your service provider as to what measures can be initiated to help reduce this risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, mFortune shall assume no responsibility for any damages, liabilities or losses suffered by disconnected Players, regardless of the cause.

Payout Information and Game Rules

mFortune Texas Hold’Em Poker has the following payouts:

Jacks or better: 1x

Two pairs: 2x

Three of a kind: 3x

Straight: 5x

Flush: 8x

Full House: 10x

Four of a kind: 40x

Straight flush: 100x

Royal flush: 500x

Texas Hold’Em Poker has a theoretical RTP% of 95%. System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit. mFortune general terms and conditions apply. Please note that deposits are non-withdrawable.


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