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Make writing even the most mundane of lists a whole lot more fun with this mFortune spinning reel pen! Can you line up 3 BBs or 3 mFortune logos? There might not be a Jackpot up for grabs, but it’s a whole lot of fun! Not suitable for under 18s.

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How do I collect Bingo Loyalty Points?
You will be automatically registered on the loyalty scheme when you register an mFortune account and start playing bingo, and you’ll get 100 loyalty points to start you off. You will be awarded two points for every £1 that you spend on Bingo tickets. We also give away loyalty points in our regular bingo quizzes – ask our bingo admins when the next one will be taking place!
Can I get points for playing other games?
Sorry! Loyalty points are only available for Bingo, so unfortunately you won’t earn points for playing slots or casino games.
What Prizes can I get from the Bingo Loyalty scheme?
Please visit loyalty-shop to see all the prizes available and the points required to get each prize.
How do I know how many points I currently have?
Visit loyalty-shop and log in using your mFortune account log in to view your current points balance.
Do my Bingo Loyalty Points expire?
Your points will never expire but inactive mFortune accounts will automatically be closed in accordance with mFortune standard Terms & Conditions if not used for 6 months.
Can I change my gift after receiving it?
Unfortunately we cannot allow players to change their prize once it is delivered.
How long does it take for delivery of my gift?
Once you have ordered your selected gift from the loyalty shop, delivery is usually within 72 hours.
Can I have my gift delivered to a different address?
For security reasons gifts must be delivered to the address as registered with mFortune.
Can I transfer my points to another account or to another person?
Sorry but points are non-transferable.
Can I use my points in other companies loyalty shops?
Sorry, our points can only be used in the mFortune Loyalty shop.
Can I win cash if I exchange my points for bonus money?
If you exchange points for bonus, then any win you get while playing mFortune games will be cash that you can withdraw subject to our standard terms and conditions.
How long will it take to get enough points to get a prize?
We are not like other loyalty schemes where it is impossible to earn prizes. All the prizes are fairly distributed to enable them to be realistically achievable. You get 2 points per every £1 you spend on bingo tickets and you only need 150 points to get the first prize in the shop.
Do you change the prizes in the Loyalty shop?
We update our loyalty shop regular with new prizes. Please login regularly to see our latest offers.
I have ordered a prize from the loyalty shop and it has not arrived…
Please call mFortune support on 01384 880842 or text “help” to 85777 and our support team will help you track the prize for you.
I think I am missing points – what should I do?
Please call our support team on 01384 880842 or text “help” to 85777.
My partner and I both have accounts with loyalty points – can we combine the points?
Unfortunately you are unable to combine points.
Is there an expiry date on the loyalty shop or my points?
Your points will never expire as long as your account remains active & in accordance with our T&Cs.
Can I convert my points to casino credit?
You can convert your points to bonus credits on offer in the loyalty shop & spend that bonus on any of our games including Casino & Slot machine games.
Is there any wager requirement for loyalty points converted to casino credits?
No, as soon as you have enough points to make a purchase you are free to do so.
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