Ten Things All Mobile Bingo Players Know To Be True

Ten Things All Mobile Bingo Players Know To Be True

Published: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 by mFortune

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Whether you do it in bed, on the sofa, on the bus, or sneakily on your lunch break from work; there’s no denying that doing it gives you a pretty big thrill. It’s great on your own – but better with other people – and if you’re lucky enough you’ll find yourself shouting for joy at the end.

We’re talking of course, about mobile bingo. What did you think we meant?!

Bingo has been a hugely popular game ever since the 1500s and while it’s evolved from taking place in the bingo hall to a mobile game, many of the emotions you feel playing it haven’t changed at all.

Eyes down then. Here are 10 things all bingo players will know to be true…

1. You’ll Have Your Favourite Bingo Room

Whether it’s the name, the colour scheme or just a feeling you get when you play in there, most bingo players have a favourite room. Here at mFortune Bingo, we have over 10 gem-themed bingo rooms to choose from but are you more of a Sapphire Sister or a Diamond Dude?

2. Getting Your Lucky Number on a Ticket is a Great Start to a Game

Every mobile bingo player has a lucky number. 7, 13, 21…whatever it is, you’ll know that seeing it smiling back at you from your ticket is the perfect start to any game. Will it be good to you today? You don’t doubt it!

3. Seeing Your Bingo BFF Sign In To Chat and Being Glad for the Automatic Dabber

One of the best things about online bingo is the chatrooms and getting to make friends. When you see your bingo buddies popping up, there’s no stopping you. It’s time for a good old gossip. And you’ll have never been more thankful for those automatic dabbers

4. Crossing Your Fingers That You Won’t Get a Phone Call in the Middle of a Game

Not because you’ll ruin the quiet of the classic bingo hall, but rather because it’ll interrupt your game of bingo and you won’t be able to see how you’re getting on. Don’t people know it’s bingo o’clock!?

5. Watching the Timer Tick Down to the Next Game

Anyone who plays mobile bingo will know that the final few seconds before the next game begins can feel like a hundred years. You’ll know all too well that you go through a range of emotions in those few seconds too. Excitement, nerves, joy…it’s a rollercoaster!

6. Speaking More in Bingo Lingo That Proper English

Gm! Gla! Wdws! Anyone who plays mobile bingo will be fluent in bingo lingo. In fact, you use these abbreviations more than most other words. You use it so often, you even find yourself slipping it into your text conversations with non-bingo players. Yep, those people exist…

7. Missing Out on a Win by Just a Few Numbers

Sometimes, that Best Ticket doesn’t quite work out and everyone who plays mobile bingo will know the feeling of missing out on a win by just a handful of numbers. Sure you’re disappointed; but bingo is a community and you’re always thrilled for the winner. Maybe it’ll be your turn on the next game!

8. The Butterflies you get When You’re 1TG

1TG. It’s everyone’s favourite bit of bingo lingo and the feeling of needing just one more number to bag that full-house is sometimes too much to bear. Every bingo player who’s been there will know the nervous excitement it brings while you wait for the next ball to be drawn…

9. Jumping for Joy When You Bag Yourself a Win

YES! That next ball was the one you wanted and suddenly it’s YOU everyone is congratulating. You’ve got your Oscars-worthy acceptance speech prepared and you already know what you’re spending the prize money on.

10. Knowing That The Fun of Playing Beats Everything Else

Win or lose though, the most important thing every mobile and online bingo player knows to be true is that above all else, nothing beats the fun of playing. Whether it’s chatting with your friends or just enjoying the game, you can’t get that excitement anywhere else.

Why not join BB for a game or two of bingo today, and see how much fun you could have?

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