All The Peas... 33! and Other Bingo Foodbits

14th Oct 2016 by mFortune
A bingo chain has introduced a Winter Menu for eating while playing in their halls, taking opinions from all over the country on what they’d like to eat while gaming. The dishes will be, um, dished out in Mecca Bingos so if you do win, you give them the money straight back in return for a lukewarm plate of chips.

Not to be outdone, we’ve set up our own menu which we will delivery by super high quality drone* to the comfort of your living room. (*Drones not yet in operation, may be man in van). Where Mecca have missed a trick, of course, is to tailor the menu to the true bingo audience, so our mFortune mEnu consists of the following classic bingo dishes:


Obviously you need balls to bingo, and there is no better alternative than meaty beefy bingo balls. Drizzled in good fortune, they are served onto your plate from a big spinning cage.

Eggs Eleven
It’s a bit of a protein overload but this meal of eleven fried eggs and just one piece of toast is a challenge for even the most hardened of hardboiled fans.

Dancing Quinoa
See the grill, watch that meat, digging the dancing quinoa. Request a bit more tang by asking for Here Comes Herbs.

Two Little Hoisin Ducks
Pretty self-explanatory. Comes with oodles of noodles and tastier than the monoduck equivalent.

The Lord Is My Shepherd’s Pie
Classic smashed and mashed meal. Comes with all the peas, 33.


Gingerbread Full House
Ticket full? Let’s hope your stomach isn’t as you dig into our gingerbread full house, complete with edible 1st Prize trophy in garden.

Key Line Pie
One line or two lines, whichever, we give out a bonus if you’re the first to either! And you can literally taste your success.

We guarantee* (*not a guarantee) these meals will soon be available to rent, but we’d also like some suggestions! What bingo food can you think of?

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All The Peas... 33! and Other Bingo Foodbits
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