Heartwarming News For A Cold Week

9th Nov 2016 by mFortune

2016 has been a complicated year, we can all agree. With some of our favourite celebrities passing away and the Brexit chaos, we thought that was about as alarming as it could get. And then last night, reality TV star and political hurricane Donald Trump was voted in as the President of the USA. Many people are waking up worried or confused or just plain astonished this morning, so to try and help, we’ve found some of the better stories from this week to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, from hero dogs to rock star generosity.

America might be going through a range of emotions this morning but there’s always a story of heartwarming generosity to remind people of the good in the world. Fifth and sixth grade students at Bath Village School in New Hampshire had raised $1,500 to go on their annual big trip to Boston, to see the historic Freedom Trail and get a tour around Fenway Park, the iconic baseball ground. However, that won’t be happening this year. After raising the money, they donated the money to a student in the lower years who had just lost his mother to cancer. Another fundraiser is set up for spring and the whole school is rallying around in an overwhelming display of generosity and community spirit. A real heart-warmer.

Staying with this theme, a 12-year-old from Tasmania in Australia has taken up a decent hobby – sewing. But, with a difference! Campbell Remess spends his time making teddy bears for sick children at his local hospital, and has made around 800 since taking up the hobby three years ago. His first bear took him five hours but he can now make a whole bear in just one hour, and loves nothing more than coming home from school and making a few cuddly toys and donating them to his fellow kids. Wonderful.

You may not have heard of Happy Daggers, but they’re a rock band from Leeds who tour the local circuit. Sadly, guitarist Sinclair Belle had his Telecaster Deluxe guitar stolen. He put an appeal to the Yorkshire Evening Post telling people to keep an eye out for it, however, the story spread to the US. It was picked up by Chris Shifflet, a member of mega-popular rock band Foo Fighters, and the man who actually designed the guitar. Chris sent Sinclair a message on the band’s Facebook page offering to send him another, brand new, Telecaster guitar. It arrived this week and the band’s gig went ahead with the famous guitar proudly on display. Awesome stuff from rock legends.

From the canine kingdom, a 14-year-old Lab-Chow mix is being hailed as a hero for saving his owner from a house fire. After the fire broke out, the owner tries to escape but lost consciousness. Che, who was adopted back in 2003, lay on the owner and barked loudly, getting the attention of the neighbours, who called the fire brigade. When firefighters turned up, they found the owner and the dog unconscious and were able to rescue them both. Che was patched up and is living with a friend of the owner while they recover in hospital. A loving reunion is not far away, we hope!

And finally, proof if proof be needed that any world event is an opportunity to win some cash! John Mappin, a hotel owner from Cornwall, is £100,000 better off after placing a series of bets on Donald Trump becoming President. When Trump announced he was standing for President last year, his odds of winning were 150/1, but those odds didn’t put off Mr Mappin, who scooped a jackpot from some brave betting. When your luck is in, your luck is in!

So there we are – a few feel-good stories to hopefully make you feel a bit chirpier about this crazy planet!

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Heartwarming News For A Cold Week
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