NEW GAME ALERT: Hansel & Gretel

21st Nov 2016 by mFortune

Gather round everyone, to hear the tale of Hansel and Gretel!

These two children were reluctantly abandoned by their father in a forest, found a house made out of sweets, were imprisoned by a witch, escaped and cooked her in her own oven, stole all her gold which she kept in a giant egg and shared it with their apologetic father who killed their wicked stepmother in an off-screen melee.

The end.

We don’t keep our gold in a big egg, but we do keep it hidden in the slots of our slots games! In Hansel And Gretel, our slots are suspended by string from the trees, ready to line up and bag a sweet bonus!

Along with our new online slots game, with its progressive jackpot, it also has two minigames hiding within! If you spin two or more birds on the main screen you’ll be taken to the Win Peaks game. Spin the signpost to choose a mountain to scale, and win the prize at the top!

Spin two or more compasses in a valid winline and you’ll move on to the Witches Trail minigame! Spin a number and move forward that amount of places, picking up multipliers as you go! Avoid the traps and get to the witch’s house for a tasty treat!

Keep an eyeout for the bucket of jewels when you spin the slots - five of those on a valid winline will land you the jackpot! Like with most of our games, there’s also an autospin function, allowing your slots to spring up and down by themselves, hopefully bulking out your wallet as they go! And don’t forget you can deposit in-game or you can pay by phone bill, from just £3!

The Brothers Grimm would never have imagined, when they sat down to write their charming tale of chocolate, gingerbread, cannibalism, abandonment and murder that one day an online slots version of that very story would exist. But I’m sure they’d be proud! Sink your teeth into the action now!

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