Reminder: mFortune is Suitable for Vegetarians

29th Nov 2016 by mFortune
Vegetarians and vegans among you will be delighted to know that all winnings you get from mFortune are entirely animal-free and suitable for all your veggie needs.

Good news. But surely that is not something that needs to be said? It’s money we’re talking about, not meat. Even our farmyard game Gold MacDonald doesn’t pay out in chunks of mutton.

Well, it turns out we do have to say that because the new £5 note you may have seen is NOT suitable for vegetarians. The Bank of England have confessed that animal fat has been used in the production of the new polymer note, specifically – tallow. This is frequently used in the making of candles and soap and some vegetarians won’t use goods that contain it.

Possible solutions:

• Take all your fivers to the bank and demand some tenners (before they all change too) or a wheelbarrow full of pound coins. Be careful they don’t fob you off with discs of gammon.

• Buy £5 worth of lentils and use these as currency. You may get into some arguments with bus drivers, bar staff, etc, and those car parking machines probably don’t take them, but if you can find a casino that accepts lentils, imagine putting all your lentils on red and walking away with a whole corn on the cob!

• Move all your money online and become a bitcoin expert. Can’t have animal fat in it if it doesn’t physically exist!

• Wait for the next fiver to come along. However, the old paper one was last changed in 2002 so you might be waiting a while.

Actually that last one might not be strictly true. In light of the tallow news, a petition has been set up to encourage the Bank of England to produce new vegan-friendly notes soon. It might not be the most pressing matter the government has to deal with at the moment but it’s upset enough people to warrant a petition!

For you non-vegans: this does not present itself as an opportunity to fry a fiver into a Full English so don’t even try. Instead, try winning yourself some tasty treats on mFortune’s slots games, which are 100% animal fat-free and tastier than anything in your local greasy spoon.

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