7 Charms to Help you Harness the Luck O’ the Irish!

7 Charms to Help you Harness the Luck O’ the Irish!

Published: Mon, 25 Mar 2019 by mFortune

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Top o’ the mornin’! How’s the craic? That’s our way of saying that this month is all about Pick a Pot O’ Gold mobile slots!

Now we know you’ll have already seen the announcement but if you want to check out this amazing game, you can do so here.

But wait! Before you do that, you may want to grab a few of the lucky charms available to you in order to be in a chance to win that amazing progressive jackpot, currently over £6,000!

Here are seven brilliant ways to get the luck o’the Irish on your side, and we think they’re all fabulous!

1. Horseshoe

This gift was originally meant as a present for a bride on her wedding day, with the not-so-little symbol being said to bring you luck – as long as you wore it the right way up, that is!

You can pop to your local stables to fetch one of these if you wanted to go old-school, or for you modern folk, a porcelain or silver one would likely do. Just be sure not to let it fall upside down, or your luck will be out of the gate faster than the quickest racehorse.

2. Four Leaf Clover

The four leaves on a clover are said to represent luck, hope, faith and love, and is said to be one of the most favourable of all the lucky charms – if only slightly hard to find! If you want one of these you’ll have to do some digging…

To quote John Melton: “That if any man walking in the fields, find any foure-leaved grasse, he shall in a small while after find some good thing.” With only an estimated 1 in 10,000 chance of getting one of these, will you be on a clover-hunt anytime soon?

3. Rainbow

Now perhaps we don’t have the logistics on just how you’ll grab a rainbow, but they’re very lucky indeed! Some even say that there’s a Pot ‘O Gold at the end.

If you’re all out of rainbows in your area though, we’re sure the rainbow-marshmallows from the Lucky Charms cereal would be just as effective!

4. Lucky Coin

“Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck!”

Everyone knows how the sing-song phrase goes – it’s catchy, simple and says it all on the tin! Winners tip: Lucky pennies need to be found face-up for their best chance at cosmic influence! Found one tails-up? Leave it where it is!

5. Celtic Knot

Years and years ago, gifts engraved with these Celtic knots would often be given out to bring luck with new endeavours. From jewellery to home décor, there’s no limitations to where this symbol can be to bring you good fortune – but be careful not to break the line of the knot, as that will bring nothing but trouble!

6. An Cloc Cosanta

Translation – a luck stone. What more could you ask for? A small round stone, with a round hole drilled into it, it’s meant to bring luck to their owners while also protecting them from all evil… what else would you ever need? Beside the jackpot that is!

7. Lucky number 7!

To keep this post lucky, we’ll make this our last…

The number 7 is often associated with knowledge, perfection and of course luck. But what makes it real lucky you say? 7 is considered a winning number in many casino games – and ours is no different! For example, our amazing game Cherry 7 has the number right in the name!

To really have the above charms take effect, why not find 7 of them? 7 horseshoes, 7 coins…In conclusion – get seven of everything, make a groovy necklace and make sure you’re wearing it (horse-shoe facing up!) before you press spin!* And if all else fails, have a pint of Guinness! It certainly makes our lucky leprechaun smile.

*Necklace aside, gambling is still a game of chance, so wins are not guaranteed!

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