7 Weird and Wonderful Double Your Honey Flavours!

7 Weird and Wonderful Double Your Honey Flavours!

Published: Tue, 28 May 2019 by mFortune

If you’ve ever played Double Your Honey, you’ll know its animation is full of queen bees, hungry bears, nature and – you guessed it – honey… but you know what it doesn’t feature? Flavoured honey!

This isn’t even something many even know exist – and yet it does, in more variety and flavour than you could ever imagine…

1. Creamed Honey with Chocolate and Bananas

This honey is gently stirred until it reaches the consistency of butter, before the hard working bees casually throw in real bananas and cocoa powder! There’s nothing artificial (or remotely normal) about this treat… would you try it?

2. Lemon Berry Blast

Take a batch of fresh honey, and mix it with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, Saskatoons (more berries) and lemon and… voila! A honey treat fit for anyone who wants to try and get more than five a day in the same spread!

3. Tulsi Honey

This one is regular honey, infused with a herb called tulsi (also known as Holy Basil). This is said to be thinner than normal honey, but great as a source of energy. Not too sure what we’d put this flavoured honey on, but it might be worth a try…

4. Mint Honey

While we’re on the subject of herby honey, there’s also a Mint Honey which is more than sought after. This honey is quick to sell out, and has been out of stock for a while. The product boasts rave reviews, from those who don’t even like honey to those who try every flavour there is. Some have even claimed this honey has replaced their medicine for colds and flu! Sign us up!

5. Honey with Garlic

It is what it says on the tin… or rather, the jar. This honey is made with fresh garlic, giving the honey itself a white-cream colour. This honey is a must-have ingredient for Thai cooking, salad dressings, dips, roasts… the list goes on! While we wouldn’t put it in our kitchen any time soon, would you?

6. Honey & Maple Syrup

Taking the best honey and blending it with Pure Canadian Maple Syrup will have this ruddy red honey coming to life. This seems to be a must-have for the breakfast table, the product inciting many a rave review from customers across the pond. It sounds like it might be good on some pancakes at least…

7. Honeystix

Last but not least, we have the Honeystix. While it’s not a traditional liquid honey, it presents many different flavours in a new and convenient way to get your honey fix! They’re solid sticks of honey which can be eaten on its own, or melted into tea or water, and even spread onto toast! Imagine having a few of these in your bag for work.

Guaranteed to be peanut-free, gluten free, sugar free and Kosher, there’s no reason not to give these a try! They come in an assortment of flavours too, including original, pink lemonade, blueberry, grape, root beer and much much more!

It’s safe to say this delicious treat is in our basket and ready to check out! So what do you say mFortune? Shall we add some flavours to the honey in Double Your Honey, or are you content with just the original flavour?

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