mFortune’s Bingo Dictionary: The A-Z of Bingo Lingo

mFortune’s Bingo Dictionary: The A-Z of Bingo Lingo

Published: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 by mFortune

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Ever been playing bingo and seen someone post “WDW” in the chatroom? What about “GLE”?

One of the biggest parts of playing mFortune Bingo for many players – besides the winning of course! – is chatting to their bingo buddies in our chatrooms.

And if you’re new to the world of mobile bingo or aren’t a regular player, it can sometimes feel like everyone there is talking another language.

That’s why we’ve created this: mFortune’s Bingo Dictionary!

It’s your ultimate A-Z of bingo lingo. All the abbreviations and bingo slang you may come across in any of our eleven gem-themed bingo rooms.

1tg / 2tg /3tg – One / Two / Three to go

Players use this when they’re waiting on only one, two or three numbers to cinch a win!

AFK – Away from keyboard

Your bingo buddies might use this when they’re not around to chat for a while.

BRB / BBL / BBS – Be right back / Be back later / Be back soon

These are some more examples of bingo lingo you might hear when your buddies are heading out of the game for a short while.

BLNT – Better luck next time

If your bingo buddy is 1tg and misses out, you could use “BLTN”.

GA / GM / GE / GN – Good afternoon / morning /evening / night

You’ll see these abbreviations a lot! They’re greetings mFortune Bingo players use and are some of the most commonly used bits of bingo lingo!

GL / GLA / GLE / GLEV1 – Good luck / Good luck all / Good luck everyone

mFortune Bingo players are a nice bunch, so you’ll often see them wishing their fellow players GL!

IRL – In real life

You’d use “IRL” to talk about what you get up to away from bingo!

JK – Just kidding

mFortune Bingo players love a bit of banter, so you might see “JK” pop up from time to time.

LG – Last game

When you want to let your bingo buddies and the mFortune admin you’re heading off, use “LG” to signify you’re playing your final game.

LOL / LMAO – Laughing out loud / laughing my ass off

Not just bingo lingo, you’ve probably seen and used these abbreviations loads and you’ll certainly see them being used in our bingo chatrooms!

OMG – Oh my God!

This is another example of bingo lingo you’ll have seen outside of the chatrooms. You might use this to express delight at winning, or if one of your bingo buddies tells you some juicy gossip!

SYS – See you soon

Say “SYS” to your friends in the bingo rooms with this one! You could also use “CYA” (see you!).

TC – Take care

You can use this bingo lingo abbreviation alongside “SYS” when someone signs off for the evening.

WB – Welcome back

Someone told you they’d “BRB”? When they return, greet them with a “WB!”

WTG – Way to go

All of the mFortune Bingo players are so friendly and celebrate each other’s wins so you’ll definitely see people saying “WTG” when someone bags a full house!

WD / WDW – Well done / well done winners

You’ll see both of these two! Again, they’re a great way to celebrate with the bingo winners!

And there you have it! An A-Z of bingo lingo that’ll help you get chatty in the mFortune Bingo rooms! Why don’t you play today and start using some of these abbreviations?

New to mFortune? When you open your first and only account, you’ll get a free up to £10 welcome bonus* which you can use to play bingo! Sign up and see how friendly our bingo family can be!

*18+. New players only. 20x wagering requirement. 7 day expiry. £50 Max withdrawal from bonus win. T&Cs apply.

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