August’s Biggest Slots Winners

August’s Biggest Slots Winners

Published: Sat, 01 Sep 2018 by mFortune

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It was the final month of summer and it wasn’t just the weather getting us hot under the collar. After cruising into town at the end of the month, mFortune’s resident lothario Cashanova Cashpots has been getting pulses racing – and players winning! From 1st-31st August, we saw over £243,000 spun in* by over 390 players up and down the UK. Let’s take a closer look at some of August 2018’s biggest mobile slots winners at mFortune Casino:

£8772 on Nine Lives

One of our players will be grinning like the cat that got the cream after spinning in* our biggest individual win on the month. They scooped the pawsome prize of over £8700 on 9 Lives mobile slots. We’re not kitten you either…this slots game’s Jackpot is fast approaching the £13,000 mark! Try it out today.

£6040 on Cashanova Cashpots

After spinning in* a win of over £6000 on our newest mobile slots game, we’re sure this player had fallen head over heels for Cashanova Cashpots! They won’t be the only one either, as 25 players span in* over £20,000 worth of wins on this game in August alone. If that’s not a reason to pull on your dancing shoes and celebrate, we don’t know what is!

£5983 on Wild Diamond Wins

Our third biggest win in August was spun in* by a player from Lancashire, who bagged just shy of £6000 on Wild Diamond Wins. Wild Diamond Wins gave us the most individual winners AND the largest collective win* with 66 players winning over £41,400 between them in August. All these winners have seen the game’s progressive Jackpot shoot up too. It now stands at almost £7000.

£3626 on Sherlock: Murdered to Death

After helping our super-sleuth Sherlock in his quest to capture Moriarty once and for all, one of our players from Bedfordshire bagged the ultimate prize – a £3600 mobile slots win! Sherlock: Murdered to Death is one of our most popular mobile slots games…we wonder if that £31,000 progressive Jackpot has something to do with that?

£2010 on Coliseum Cash

Forget hailing Caesar; this month we’re celebrating one of our players from South Yorkshire who span in over £2000 on Coliseum Cash. Now THAT’S what we call a win in Rome! They weren’t alone either, as a total of 12 brave Romans span in* just shy of £7000 between them in August. Keep an eye on that Coliseum Cash Jackpot too, as it’s rapidly approaching £12,000 and will have to be won eventually!

£1671 on Juggling Jokers

Our sixth biggest mobile slots win in August will have seen this player from South Yorkshire laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to their £1600 win* on Juggling Jokers mobile slots. And here’s something that can put a smile on everyone’s face: the Juggling Jokers Jackpot is now over £7500! Give this one a go today.

£1655 on Golden Mile Slots

Well done to our seventh biggest mobile slots winner in August, who span in* over £1600 on . Following a Jackpot win back in July, the Golden Mile Slots progressive prize pot is already shooting up and is over £3000. What would you do if the bright lights of this Vegas-themed game spelled out a win for you?

£1173 on Bake Me a Winner

An mFortune player from County Durham cooked up a storm on  mobile slots, and became our eighth biggest slots winner in August with a win of £1173. If you fancy your skills in the kitchen and want to have your cake and eat it too, give this game a try! The Jackpot is currently over £11,200.

£1069 on Snakes and Ladders

Coming in at number nine, we have a player from Newcastle who span in* just over £1000 on our oldest slots game, Snakes and Ladders. We had 21 big winners on Snakes and Ladders slots in August, and if you Adder them all up their collective wins total £10,180. And with a progressive Jackpot of nearly £92,000, it’s easy to see why it’s still one of our most popular games!

£1024 on Vegas Vegas

A player from the West Midlands became our tenth biggest slots winner in August after spinning in* just over £1000 on Vegas Vegas. This mFortune Casino exclusive has the second-biggest progressive Jackpot at our mobile casino – over £209,000 – and this prize pot is rising all the time. If you were to win that in Vegas Vegas, we bet it wouldn’t stay there!

A huge well done goes out to these, and all of our August winners. We wonder what September will hold!

*Based on winnings spun in minus player stakes, looking at wins over £250. Does not guarantee withdrawal.

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