Which mFortune Characters Has Cashanova Got His Eye On?

Which mFortune Characters Has Cashanova Got His Eye On?

Published: Mon, 03 Sep 2018 by mFortune

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It’s been just over a week since Cashanova Cashpots arrived at mFortune Casino, and in that time our resident lothario has wasted no time in making his mark. The invitations have been sent out, he has a brand new masquerade mask – perhaps the Juggling Jokers crew helped him out? – and the room is ready.

It’s nearly party time for Cashanova, and we wonder which lucky lady he’ll be asking for the first dance? The thing is, he’s got a bit of a wandering eye when it comes to the ladies and there are quite a few mFortune mobile slots characters he’s got his eye on…

Helen of Troy

Wars have quite literally been started over her, and she’s said to be the most beautiful woman in history. It’s no surprise then, that Cashanova has his eye on Helen of Troy. She may be loved up with our Coliseum Cash Emperor, but Cashanova doesn’t strike us as the type to mind a little healthy competition!

Beautiful and talented – Helen is a keen lyre player, don’t you know – we think this pair could make sweet music together. Let’s just hope Cashanova doesn’t upset Caesar too much by making a move on his girl though. We hear he’s not the most forgiving of ancient leaders…

Which Witch Sisters

As if the Which Witch sisters needed another reason to fall out, since Cashanova rolled into town our squabbling siblings have been bickering over who he’s going to dance with at the ball.

Of course, our resident lothario has his eye on both of our bewitching beauties which is only making the fighting worse. Will our White Witch cast a spell over Cashanova? Or perhaps Green Witch will slip him a love potion?

One thing’s for sure, if we were him we’d be very careful about what we eat and drink for a while!

Cave Girl

Cave Girl might already have poor Cavey wrapped around her little finger, but it looks like he’s not the only one as our mobile slots character has also caught the eye of Cashanova Cashpots.

She’s feisty, fiery, and would certainly keep him on his toes. But will she be the lucky lady he chooses at his next ball? Poor Cavey hopes not! He’s spent so long hunting for the Fire Ruby for Cave Girl, we hope she’s not about to mug him off!

Irene Adler

She’s the love interest of our resident super-sleuth Sherlock, but he’s not alone in admiring her. It turns out, that Irene Adler is just another of the mFortune mobile slots ladies that has caught Cashanova’s eye.

The mysterious girl has been giving Sherlock the run around, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she turned up at the ball hoping the new guy in town will sweep her off her feet. Let’s just hope she doesn’t leave too many clues for Sherlock as we think he might ruin their romantic rendezvous!


She’s the fearless female lead in who certainly takes no prisoners, and it looks like Rouge could also be in for a date with Cashanova Cashpots. And who can blame her for being excited when the Spin Kingdom residents include a dragon, an ogre, and an elderly wizard?

We wonder if she’ll keep her cool if Cashanova invites her for a dance? Or, will she make like most of the Spin Kingdom residents and lose her head? One thing’s for sure, Rouge would certainly keep Cashanova on his toes!

Which of these mobile slots characters do you think is best suited to Cashanova Cashpots?

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