Casino Cakes: mFortune Casino Does The Great British Bake Off

Casino Cakes: mFortune Casino Does The Great British Bake Off

Published: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 by mFortune

There are a few signs you need to look out for to know that autumn is on its way.

A certain coffee shop brings back a drink that tastes like pumpkins, everyone starts losing their minds over getting to wear a light jumper again, and the whole nation tunes into watch a bunch of strangers bake cakes and be judged by a grumpy Scouse.

Ahhh aren’t you just SO glad that the Great British Bake Off is back!?

And this year, some of the mFortune characters have been getting into this spirit – probably under the guidance of Giuseppe – to come up with their own casino cakes. Paul and Prue…look away now!

Bakewell Me a Winner Tart

Full of almond-y goodness, the would be perfect for pastry week. We’d be able to show off our shortcrust pastry skills as well as our decorating ones. How hard can it be to make a shortcrust pastry?

Batten-Burger Man

Known for its distinctive two-tone check pattern, baking up a Batten-Burger Man Cake would be a perfect technical challenge. We’re not sure how the judges would feel about a more meaty take on this sweet treat though…

BlackJack Forest Gateaux

We think that a classic BlackJack Forest Gateaux would be a great signature challenge. As casino cakes go, this cherry and chocolate combination is bound to be a winner…but we’re sure we could mix it up with some playing card decoration.

Cherry 7 Pie

Speaking of cherry flavours, we don’t think we could go wrong with this casino cake. The Cherry 7 Pie would show off our pastry skills and prove once and for all that – like our slots game of the same name – good things come in small packages.

Juggling Jaffa Cakes

Is it a cake? Is it a biscuit? It doesn’t matter – we could bake a batch of Juggling Jaffa Cakes for biscuit OR cake week. With a tangy orange centre – and decorated with a masquerade mask for good measure – this tasty treat really will put a smile on the judges’ faces.

Reel Fruity Cake

Our next casino cake creation is our take on the classic Reel Fruity Cake. We’re raisin the stakes with this one though, so there’ll be a whole host of fabulous fruits making up the filling. If we can nail the flavours on this one, we think it’ll be a hit!

Sponge Katz Kake

Sometimes, when it comes to casino cakes, simplicity is key which is why we reckon serving up a is a failsafe way to impress Paul and Prue. We just hope our kitty cosmonauts don’t get any fur in it…there won’t be any Hollywood Handshakes for us then!

What do you think of these creations? Can you think of any more casino cakes inspired by our mobile slots games?

DISCLAIMER: Casino Cakes not coming to a bakery or supermarket near you anytime soon. Thankfully for everyone involved…

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