Depositing by Phone Bill at mFortune Casino

Depositing by Phone Bill at mFortune Casino

Published on: Tue, 06 Nov 2018 by mFortune

When it comes to depositing at a mobile casino, there are a couple of things you’ll be looking for:

  • Is it fast? You want your deposit amount to be waiting for you when you log in to play
  • Is it secure? You’ll want to know your transactions and personal data are safe
  • Is it easy? You don’t want to spend ages in-putting endless card details
  • It is safe? You want to make sure you’re sticking to your means

At mFortune, we have the answer. Speedy, straightforward, and secure, depositing by phone bill certainly meets all of your criteria. As the original phone bill casino, we wanted to find a way that made depositing fast and fuss-free – and this is it.

Here, is everything you need to know about depositing by phone bill at mFortune Casino.

How Does Depositing by Phone Bill Work?

Phone bill deposits are all of those things you look for when depositing: fast, secure, easy, and safe.

They work just like any other mobile casino deposit method, except rather than the money being taken from your debit / credit card, PayPal, or paysafecard, the payment is taken from your phone bill. If you pay a monthly contract, you’ll see those deposits added to your next bill. If you’re on Pay-As-You-Go, any requested deposit will be taken from your available credit.

To make a deposit using your phone bill, login to your mFortune account and tap “Banking”. From here, select the “Deposit by Phone Bill” option and select your deposit amount. You’ll then be sent an SMS to your registered phone number asking you to confirm the deposit before it’s taken. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to play!

See? We told you it was simple!

It’s worth remembering that when you pay by phone bill, you’re essentially paying with credit. This means when you come to requesting a withdrawal you will have to provide I.D. that shows your phone bill – and as such those deposits – have been paid in full before we can process winnings.

Once we’ve seen this, your withdrawal will be processed as normal.

What are the Benefits of Depositing by Phone Bill?

There are loads of reasons why you should think about making a phone bill deposit at mFortune!

  • Smaller deposits – You can deposit from just £3 using your phone bill. The minimum is £5 using all other deposit methods.
  • Fuss-free – There’s no need to enter any card details, PayPal passwords, or additional information. Just stay on the device you’re on and you’ll be ready to play in minutes!
  • Secure – Depositing by phone bill is safe and secure, giving you peace of mind with your transactions.
  • Safe – You’ll never spend more than you can afford with our daily phone bill deposit limits, helping you to stick to your means and play responsibly.

Phone Bill Deposits and Responsible Gambling

As a GamCare certified casino, we take responsible gambling seriously and are committed to helping our players always stay in control of their playing and spending. And offering phone bill depositing is no different.

With this payment method, you can rest assured that you’re not over-spending as it makes it easy to keep track of things. You’re limited to spending £30 a day when using this deposit method, and every phone bill deposit is gatewayed by an SMS.

This helps you stick to your budget, and ensure you’re playing safely.

Why not try phone bill depositing today, and see how easy it can be?

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