What Your Favourite mFortune Bingo Room Says About You

What Your Favourite mFortune Bingo Room Says About You

Published: Mon, 09 Jul 2018 by mFortune

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Do you dig Diamond or rock it in Ruby? Perhaps you like to swing by Sapphire or pop into Pearl?

With 11 gem-themed rooms to choose from, there’s something for everyone at mFortune Bingo. And whether you always play in the same one or mix it up from time to time, the rooms you choose to play in can be quite telling.

Read on and find out what your favourite mFortune Bingo room says about you:


In Ancient Greek, “diamond” translates into “unbreakable” so if this is your favourite room you’re strong and resilient. Diamonds are classic, timeless and traditional too – you’re probably a real class act. Chances are you also like a little bit of luxury in your life so it’s no coincidence our premium room is named after this gemstone.


Sapphires are said to represent happiness, wisdom and serenity. If Sapphire is your number one, you’re calm, level-headed and everyone always comes to you for advice. Sapphire fans are loyal, trustworthy and put their families first. Not only that, but you’re the kind of person who’s always got a smile on your face!


Do you always find yourself drawn to the Amethyst room? Amethysts are said to represent stability, authority and have often been linked with royalty. While you might not be next in line to the throne – if you are, Hey Your Majesty! – fans of the amethyst room are vibrant, intelligent and determined.


If Ruby is your favourite mFortune Bingo room, you’re passionate, fiery and full of energy. Sometimes you can be a little too passionate and end up seeing red with people who disagree with you, but generally you’re a loving soul. There’s a reason ancient leaders – like our very own Caesar – used to wear crowns adorned with rubies.


What does it say about you if Emerald is your favourite bingo room? This green gemstone is said to represent curiosity, growth, and kindness so if emerald is your pick of the bunch these are likely traits of yours. Personal growth is a big thing for you, as is your happiness – and the happiness of others around you. What a sweetie you are!


Ancient civilisations believed that topaz had healing powers and could even chill boiling water. While you might not be as magic as our wizard or Which Witch sisters, if topaz is your favourite room you’re balanced, peaceful, and have great communication skills. Perfect then, for shouting up when you get a full house.


Pearls are a little different from other precious gems due to the way in which they’re formed. If Pearl is your mFortune Bingo room of choice, you like to stand out from the crowd. You’re not afraid of being a little different, and embracing your individuality.


Always drawn to our Aqua room? You’re a spirited, adventurous soul and you probably feel at home by the sea; much like Robinson. Aquamarine gem stones were said to be the favourite treasure of mermaids so if this room is your favourite you’re likely to be a little bit mysterious too.


Amber players are bright, bubby and vivacious. They have a real zest for life and are like a ray of sunshine to be around. Your happy personality shines through, and your attitude is truly infectious. Does that sound like you, if you’re always playing in the Amber room?


Onyx is a mysterious gemstone and little is known about it and its properties. If this is your favourite bingo room, you’re probably quite a closed book and don’t open up to people easily. It’s worth getting to know you though, ’cause you’re a real Bobby Dazzler underneath.


No two crystals are the same, with different kinds said to hold different powers and represent different things such as luck, money and love. mFortune Bingo players who frequent the crystal room are spiritual, open and believe that nothing is impossible.

Which is your favourite mFortune Bingo room? Do you think our description matches you? Let us know on Facebook!

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