Five Gambling Superstitions From Around the World

Five Gambling Superstitions From Around the World

Published: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 by mFortune


Not walking under ladders. Never putting new shoes on the table. Saluting magpies.

There are hundreds of weird and wonderful superstitions that we all know – and that many of us live by – and when it comes to gambling, players are always looking for ways they can increase their luck, both in bricks-and-mortar and online casinos.

mFortune decided to take a trip around the world and see exactly how these gambling superstitions differ in different countries and cultures. How many have you heard of before?

1. Wearing Red

In Chinese culture, red symbolises good fortune and joy and as such, is perceived to be one of the luckiest colours. It is found everywhere during Chinese New Year, and red envelopes containing money are given as gifts.

As such, casino players in China will wear red items of clothing in order to bring themselves good luck. In fact, many Chinese casino-goers will wear red underwear as this is considered the best way to capitalise on the lucky colour. Maybe the red ruby in would be seen as lucky too?

2. Avoiding Dogs

There’s little information behind the origins of this superstition however it’s one that may prove problematic for some of our mobile casino players! That’s because, apparently, gambling near a dog is bad luck.

We’re not sure why those good boys are deemed to be bad luck, but maybe that’s why we have a trio of kitty capers – Cat and Mouse, 9 Lives and – here at mFortune? We do have one doggo in a starring role – Zooko from – and that’s proven to be lucky for a number of winners over the last few months so we may have avoided this one.

3. Unlucky 13

We’ve all heard that the number 13 is “unlucky for some” but it’s a gambling superstition that’s taken to the extreme in the casino capital, Las Vegas. Hotels in Sin City are so aware of the supposed bad luck the number 13 can bring, you won’t see a single 13th floor in any Vegas hotel.

Luckily, mFortune’s Vegas Vegas is yet to venture in to the world of real estate. That means if you take a spin on our 5 reel, 9 win line classic mobile slots game, you won’t have to worry about floor 13.

4. Cursing the Roulette Ball

This is another one that’s a little strange, but many people swear by it – quite literally! That is, the superstition of cursing at the roulette ball before it stops spinning. It’s a casino superstition that has spread online, and sees players curse at the ball in the hope that it’ll land on their wagered number.

This is one gambling superstition from around the world that might get you some strange looks if you were playing our European on the go, so is one you should maybe save trying out when you’re in the comfort of your own home!

5. Crossing Your Legs

We think that at some point in their lives, everyone has crossed their fingers for good luck. However, in the world of casino superstitions, crossing your legs – and your arms – could actually be a bearer of bad luck. Superstitions say that’s because it creates a barrier between you and the good luck!

We apologise in advance if when you’re sat playing our great mobile slots games in future, you think twice about how you sit thanks to this old gambling superstition!

What about you? Have you got any gambling superstitions that you always abide by? Join in the conversation on our Facebook page and let us know!

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