Big January Winners at mFortune Casino

Big January Winners at mFortune Casino

Published: Wed, 31 Jan 2018 by mFortune

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The first month of 2018 is behind us and whether January went by in a flash or seriously dragged for you, one thing is for sure – it’s been raining big winners here at mFortune!

Across our mobile slots, bingo and casino games, we’ve had hundreds of players from all corners of the UK – and further afield! – spinning in amazing wins*. We’ve been keeping a note of them, and thought what better way to beat the January blues than by giving some of them a shout out.

In our first monthly rundown of 2018, here are some of the big January winners at mFortune Casino.

Fruity Slots Winners

Let’s start with some of our foody, fruity favourites and their winners shall we?

Cash Cubed mobile slots was our last release of 2017 and has certainly proved berry popular with our players. And it’s been responsible for some grape wins in January!

21 players spun in wins totalling over £12,300 this month ALONE! Our biggest winner in the UK spun in over £1,500 with our biggest winner in South Africa spinning in over R2500 – which is around £150. People really are going bananas for Cash Cubed; have you played it yet?

Continuing the fruity theme, our futuristic retro slots game, has also been responsible for some funky wins this January! Eight of our players have spun in wins of over £6,400 with our biggest single win topping £1,800 – congratulations to all of you!

Last but by no means least, Reel Fruity Slots has also been a hit with players in the UK and South Africa. We’ve seen wins of over £6,400 roll in over the last 31 days, and Reel Fruity Slots has quickly risen to become one of our most popular games. Not only that, but it’s now got a huge progressive Jackpot of over £16,000 just waiting to be won!

Foody Favourites

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, we also had a whole host of winners on our foody slots too! served up a duo of winners who spun in £1,500 between them, and another two players from Scotland bagged themselves sweet wins totalling £2,200 in mobile slots.

Winners in London and Berkshire won over £1,600 between them on and for dessert, over £4,300 was spun in by players taking on Double Your Honey. Congratulations to you all!

Purr-fect Mobile Slots Wins

mFortune Casino is home to a whole host of cat-themed mobile slots games, and some have been responsible for some seriously clawsome wins this month.

Cat and Mouse is one of the oldest games in our mobile casino and is constantly voted a player favourite. And this January, eight players were left grinning like the cat that got the cream when they spun in huge wins totalling over £7,200 altogether! The biggest single win came in County Durham, where the player spun in over £1,200!

9 Lives slots has also seen big wins spun in! Five winners spun in over £3,000 between them and – our final feline favourite – produced a £700 winner in Inverness. Well done to all of you!

Jet-Setting Slots Winners

mFortune’s jet-setting mobile slots games have also given us loads to celebrate this January.

Starting with the mythical world of , there were three players who won over £3,000 between them this month – well done to you!
We saw a player from Liverpool win over £2,600 on Monte Carlo slots, while to more players from London spun in over £3,100 between them playing , and over £4,400 was won in Robinson Riches mobile slots too!

Last up, 13 players who visited Sin City in Vegas Vegas slots spun in over £10,000 collectively, with the biggest single win coming in Hampshire, with the player in question spinning in over £2,600! Congratulations to you all!

mFortune Casino Roulette Winners

It’s not just our exclusive mobile slots games that have seen big winners this January, our casino classic European has seen 26 people spin in wins of over £500 each, totalling over £27,000 in winnings over the last four weeks.

Our biggest Roulette winner was in County Louth in the Republic of Ireland, who spun in a huge win of over £3,800! Many congratulations to all of our roulette winners! Have you played this casino classic recently?

Well done to these and all of our winners! These are just some – those who won over £500 – of the mFortune players who won this January. Will you be a February winner?

* Wins based on winnings spun in minus player stake. Data based on wins of over £500.

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