June’s Most Popular Mobile Slots Games

June’s Most Popular Mobile Slots Games

Published: Mon, 02 Jul 2018 by mFortune

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June was a pretty big month. The 2018 World Cup kicked off in style and England actually managed to make it out of the group stages, an mFortune player from Lanarkshire scooped the £7,400 Jackpot on Tomb of the Wins, and we released a brand new game, Poppin’ Pizza Prizes.

It was a big month for mFortune Casino winners too, with over £437,360 worth of winnings spun in* by our players. That’s over £143,000 MORE than last month! Shall we take a look at the most popular mobile slots games and their winners in June 2018?

1. Wild Diamond Wins – £81,010

Released on the 22nd May, Wild Diamond Wins was one our most popular mobile slots games in June AND gave us the most winners. In fact, 145 players span in* wins over £250 on Wild Diamond Wins making a combined win of £81,010*! The largest single win, £2,954, was spun in by a player from Stoke-on-Trent. Congratulations to all of our Wild Diamond Winners!

2. Cat and Mouse – £25,593

It’s one of the oldest and most loved games at our mobile casino, and has the biggest Jackpot of over £380,000 so it’s no surprise to see that over 51 players span in* some mouse-ive wins on Cat and Mouse mobile slots in June 2018. Our biggest Cat and Mouse win was over £3,188 and was spun in* by a player in Northumberland. Well done all!

3. Reel Fruity Slots – £20,045

mFortune Casino players went bananas for Reel Fruity Slots in June, with 37 players spinning in* a collective win of over £20,000! Our biggest single winner came from Cumbria and they span in* £2,904. And with a progressive Jackpot of over £25,000, we think Reel Fruity Slots will remain berry popular for a little while longer!

4. Tomb of the Wins – £19,420

The ankh-redible Tomb of the Wins was our fourth most popular mobile slots game in June with 24 players spinning in* prizes totalling £19,420! Our biggest was of course that £7,000 Jackpot win which was won by a player in Lanarkshire. The Jackpot has now been re-set to £2,000 and is already climbing high! If you’re yet to try this one, we sphinx you’ll love it!

5. Vegas Vegas – £16,627

What happens in Vegas Vegas doesn’t stay there, especially when 38 mFortune players spin in* collective wins of over £16,600! Our biggest single win was spun in by a player from Suffolk, who won £978! Vegas Vegas has our second-largest mobile slots Jackpot of over £200,000, we wonder when it’ll be won!

6. Robinson Riches – £14,507

June’s mini-heatwave saw thousands of players get cashed away with Robinson Riches mobile slots making it our sixth most popular game of the month. 10 players span in* £14,507 between them with our biggest single win – over £10,000! – spun in* by an mFortune player from Harlow. Congratulations all!

7. Coliseum Cash – £12,101

There were plenty of wins in Rome in June 2018 – 22 in fact – as players channelled their inner gladiators in Coliseum Cash. Our biggest single win was spun in* by a player in Lincolnshire and they bagged £1,970 on our Roman reels. Well done all of you! The Coliseum Cash Jackpot is rising fast too – it’s nearly at £10,000!

8. Golden Mile Slots – £11,957

There were some Bel-large-io wins for mFortune players taking for a spin in June. 14 players span in* wins totalling £11,957 with our largest win of £1,970 spun in* by a player in Lincolnshire. Well done to all of you! Since its launch back in March , the Golden Mile Slots Jackpot has risen to £7,400 – we hope this one is won soon!

9. Cash Cubed – £11,193

Cash Cubed, another fruity favourite in our mobile casino, was our ninth most popular mobile slots game in June 2018. 16 players span in* wins totally £11,193 with our largest individual winner, hailing from Tyne and Wear, spinning in* £3,481. Sink your teeth into the cubic fruit today and see what you win!

10. Juggling Jokers – £10,661

Our tenth most popular mobile slots game in June, Juggling Jokers, has really been putting smiles on our players’ faces. 17 players span in* huge wins totalling £10,661 with our biggest single win of £2,105 spun in* by a player from Merthyr Tydfil. Congratulations to you all!

Poppin’ Pizza Prizes – One to Note!

We only released Poppin’ Pizza Prizes at the very end of June, but we thought we’d give some of the early winners a shout-out! Seven players span in* £3,341 between them in the first four days of the game’s release, with the biggest single win of £635 spun in* by a player in Kent. Well done to you all!

We wonder what July will hold for us in terms of winners? Check back next month to see!

*Data based on winnings spun in minus player stakes, looking at wins over £250. Does not guarantee withdrawal.

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