The Biggest mFortune Bingo Jackpots

The Biggest mFortune Bingo Jackpots

Published: Wed, 21 Nov 2018 by mFortune

It’s not just our mobile slots games that have huge Jackpots waiting to be won. There are some massive progressive prize pots available in each of the mFortune Bingo rooms too! And boy, have we got some incredible Jackpots just waiting to be won!

From how you win them to the biggest Jackpots on offer, this is your complete guide to mFortune Bingo’s biggest progressive Jackpots!

How do the mFortune Bingo Jackpots Work?

If you’ve joined BB for a game of bingo before, you’ll know that there are three guaranteed prizes in every bingo game:

  • One Line
  • Two Lines
  • Full House

If you’re the first to mark off any of these three on any ticket, you’ll win a cash prize!

Mark off a Full House in 35 numbers or less though, and you’ll bag yourself the bingo Jackpot for the room you’re playing in! Just like this player did back in April.

The mFortune Bingo Jackpots grow with every ticket played, and will keep getting bigger ‘till one lucky player wins the lot! Once a room’s Jackpot has been won, it’s reset to £2,000 and the cycle starts all over again.

The Biggest mFortune Bingo Jackpots

Now you know how to win one, we bet you want to know which of BB’s bingo rooms have the largest progressive Jackpots! And – spoiler alert – one of them is the fourth biggest Jackpot you can play for across ALL of our games…including slots! Here then, are the five biggest mFortune Bingo Jackpots:

  • £82,400 in Diamond
  • £38,000 in Sapphire
  • £36,800 in Amethyst
  • £28,200 in Pearl
  • £29,000 in Aqua

See? We told you there were some huge prizes on offer!

The Jackpots in our other bingo rooms are rising quickly too. The Emerald Jackpot is nearly £20,000, there’s over £16,000 waiting to be won in Crystal, and £13,500 in Amber. All eleven bingo rooms have their own, individual Jackpot which would be won with any ticket.

How to Play mFortune Bingo

If you’re an existing mFortune Casino player, our bingo rooms await!

Simply search for “mFortune Bingo” in the App Store or Play Store, or log in and play mFortune Bingo online. Use your existing log in details, and you’re ready to play! All that’s left to do is choose a bingo avatar and username, choose a room – this might help! – and get your eye’s down to join our mascot BB for a game.

Tickets cost 10p and strips (six tickets) cost 60p in all rooms apart from Diamond. Diamond is our Premium room and has the biggest Jackpot. Here, tickets cost 25p and it’s £1 for a strip. Your bingo ticket will be marked off automatically which leaves you free to enjoy all the other goings on!

You’ll often find us running quizzes in the chatrooms, there are side-slots you can play whilst you wait for the next game, and you can get to know your fellow players. If you’re new to bingo, this guide to the lingo is a good place to start! We’d also recommend you read through our dos and don’ts too.

Ready to go? Great! Play mFortune Bingo today, and see if BB calls the numbers to make you our next mFortune Jackpot winner!

*Jackpot figures correct at the time of writing

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