How to Make the Most of the mFortune Bingo Quizzes

How to Make the Most of the mFortune Bingo Quizzes

Published: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 by mFortune

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If you’re a regular in the mFortune Bingo rooms, you’ll know that there’s much more to them than just the game you know and love. Like that you can play slots and bingo at the same time and put that bingo lingo to good use in the chatrooms.

But if you do need another reason to play mFortune Bingo this week, then look no further than our Bingo Quizzes! Held throughout the week in our gem-themed bingo rooms, these quizzes are the perfect chance for you to test your general knowledge and hopefully win some bingo loyalty points.

Whether you’re a new quizzer on the scene or have been taking part for a while, here are five ways you can make the most of the mFortune Bingo Quizzes:

1. Read Up On The Topics

Now we know that revising for exams was never very fun and we’re not about to tell you to start making flash cards and mind-maps, but if you want to make the most of our bingo quizzes a little bit of prior research wouldn’t go a-miss.

Each month, we post an mFortune Bingo Quiz Calendar over on our Facebook page with everything you need to know, from the date, time and location of the quiz to the topic. While we won’t give you the questions – that’d be too easy! – you can get an idea of what each quiz is about.

Swotting up beforehand might just be the difference between bagging some loyalty points and missing out.

2. Play at Different Times

When you nose at the Quiz Calendar, you’ll see that the quizzes are held at different times throughout the week. This is so as many players as possible can tune in and play, but you can also use it to help make the most of the quizzes and maximise your chances of scooping a win!

Where you can, try joining quizzes at different times of day. During quieter times, there will be fewer people playing which could make winning a question or two easier! If you’re new to our bingo quizzes, playing at quieter times is also good practice and will help you get your confidence up.

3. Phone vs. Tablet vs. Desktop

Always getting the answer right but not quite quick enough to be fastest finger first? Why don’t you try playing on a different device? If you always use your phone, why not try playing on a tablet or even a PC with a bigger keyboard to see if you can type faster. mFortune Bingo is compatible with all these devices, and this simple switch could see you become our Quiz King or Queen.

4. Join in Regularly

We try to run three or four mFortune Bingo Quizzes throughout the week and loads throughout the month, so the easiest way to make the most of them is to play them regularly. You don’t need a ticket to play, and you can drop in and out of them whenever you like. They say that practice makes perfect after all!

5. Give the Bingo Admins Feedback

Is there a particular quiz topic you’d like to see? Maybe there’s one we’ve covered a few times that you’d prefer not to see again? Maybe there was one that left everyone confused? Whatever you think of the quizzes, be sure to give constructive feedback to the bingo admin team!

They work really hard deciding on topics and putting the quizzes together, but without your feedback they don’t know how much you’re enjoying them. They’ll take all comments on board, so let them know next time you’re playing in one of the bingo rooms.

Feel more prepared to take on one of BB’s Bingo Quizzes? Great! Check out the mFortune Bingo Quiz Calendar to see when the next one is, and play today! Best of luck!

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