£44,000 mFortune Bingo Jackpot Winner!

£44,000 mFortune Bingo Jackpot Winner!

Published: Thu, 03 May 2018 by mFortune


“I never thought it would happen to me…I honestly thought I’d dreamed it!”

That’s how mFortune Bingo’s newest Jackpot winner, 62-year-old Janet, felt when she realised she’d grabbed the £44,000 Jackpot in our Topaz room on 27th April 2018. Not bad when she only paid 10p for her ticket!

Janet, who’s been an mFortune player since 2015, was enjoying a quick game of mFortune Bingo on Friday morning like normal. She was enjoying chatting to her bingo buddies and watching BB call out the numbers. Even in her wildest dreams though, she couldn’t predict what would happen next. Janet told us:

“I’d already won two lines and knew I didn’t need many numbers to get a full house. I didn’t realise I’d won the Jackpot ‘till it flashed up on the screen and everyone started congratulating me! It came as such a shock!”

“I’ve never been one for having lots of money. I’ve worked hard and saved all my life. It hasn’t been easy but you get by. To win this much money…it’s beyond my wildest dreams! I cried down the phone when I told my daughter, it took so long to sink in.”

Jane, who landed the Jackpot by getting a Full House in 34 calls, has  already given some thought to what she’ll spend her £44,000 bingo Jackpot win on but she’s not getting too carried away. For this humble lady, it’s the little comforts in life that matter so the first thing on her list? A new three-piece-suite! She said:

“There’s nothing wrong with the one I have but it’s just a bit of an old leather one, and I’ve always said that I’d love a nice, new fabric one. Now I don’t have to worry about saving for one, it’s the first thing I’ll buy.”

Family is hugely important to Janet, and she’s got plans for spoiling her loved ones too. She tells us that she’ll be treating her grandson to a trampoline and spending some of her winnings when she goes to Devon with her family later this year. Have a stick of rock for BB, Janet!

We send all of our love, congratulations, and best wishes to Janet! Happy spending!

The Jackpot in the Topaz room has now been re-set to £1,000 but there are still some huge mFortune Bingo Jackpots waiting to be won including a whopping £75,000 in Diamond and £33,000 in Sapphire.

There are also some huge mobile slots Jackpots up for grabs. The biggest here, is over £365,000 in Cat and Mouse mobile slots. Pawsome!

Grab a Bingo ticket or have a spin on our exclusive reels today, and see if you too can win big like Janet!


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