mFortune’s Desert Island Packing List

mFortune’s Desert Island Packing List

Published: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 by mFortune


Back in the summer, mFortune’s intrepid explorer Robinson found himself washed up on a desert island with nothing but Man Friday and a creepy coconut with a face for company.

Life without luxuries – a good shave included! – seems to agree with Robinson though, and while he’s grown rather accustomed to basking on the beach with the bare minimum, we’re not sure all of our famous faces would enjoy it quite so much.

And this got us thinking. What would some of our mFortune slots stars take with them as their luxury item if they were to find themselves washed up like Robinson?

Gold Blast Miner: Mining Pan

If he found himself washed up somewhere new, our miner from would definitely want to make sure he had his mining pan to hand. After all, there might be gold in them there waters. If he’s lucky, he’d be able to mine enough to make all his dreams come true. That is, if he ever found a way off the island. Hmm. Maybe he didn’t think this one through…

Sherlock: A romantic novel

To be honest, Sherlock would quite like the idea of being deserted in the sun for a week or two. He works hard solving all the crimes at mF HQ – you know, the gritty stuff like who stole BB’s favourite mug. Again. If he found himself washed up, as long as he had a lovely romantic novel to read he’d be a happy guy. With all the doom and gloom he’s used to, a soppy story is just what he needs.

Zooko from Sushi Slots: A ball

Like all dogs, Zooko from just wants to be told he’s a good boy, have lots of belly rubs and play fetch. If he found himself on the beach instead of the sushi kitchen, he’d be happy with a decent bouncy ball. Couple that with all the sticks and driftwood on the island, and we think we’ve probably lost our resident chef to island life.

Spin Kingdom Knights: Chessboard

They might seem like a volatile bunch, likely to lose their heads at any moment, but the knights from mobile slots are a pretty nerdy bunch really. The knight is one of the most unique chess pieces – much like this lot – so they’d definitely want to take their chessboard with them. Anyone who’s ever played chess will know this game can take HOURS too, so it’ll certainly help them pass the time!

Queen Bee from Double Your Honey: Girl Power CD

Because taking her entire colony of worker bees with her doesn’t count, the Queen Bee from Double Your Honey decided that she’d take her CD of girl power anthems. She’s a survivor and an independent woman so would fill her days twerking to her favourite female-empowerment tunes. And if she found her bae-z on this desert island? Well, she’s certainly open to falling crazy in love!

Cave Girl from Quest for Fire: Inflatable Dinosaur

She’s used to the heat – after all, she lives at the foot of a prehistoric volcano – so being stranded on a sun-soaked desert island wouldn’t be too taxing for Cave Girl from . The difference here though, is she can enjoy the cool sea so she’d take one of those novelty inflatables, in the shape of a dinosaur of course! For Cave Girl, this would be less “help me” and more “holiday”.

What items do you think our other mobile slots characters would take if they were stranded on Robinson’s desert island? Join in the conversation on Facebook and let us know!

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