World Cup 2018: The mFortune Crew’s Top Penalty Takers

World Cup 2018: The mFortune Crew’s Top Penalty Takers

Published: Wed, 04 Jul 2018 by mFortune


Last night, England won a knock-out match for the first time since 2006 to reach the Quarter Finals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The celebrations are still ongoing, “Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)” is basically our new National Anthem at this point, and excitement is at fever-pitch for their tie on Saturday against Sweden.

And what made the victory even sweeter, was the fact the Three Lions won the game on penalties – something they’ve only managed once before in Euro 96 and NEVER in the World Cup finals.

The England squad may have managed to win this time thanks to Kane, Rashford, Dier and Trippier but if they end up in a penalty shootout against Sweden, the mFortune Casino crew might just be on hand to help.

The mobile slots gang have been putting their best foot forward in case they get a late call-up from Gareth Southgate and we think we’ve got some great penalty takers waiting in the wings. Here are five mFortune characters who should take penalties for England:


Four-times World Cup winners Italy failed to qualify for the 2018 tournament which left a sour-taste in Poppin’ Pizza Prizes chef’s mouth. Giovanni could have qualified on his own – so he tells us – but as that’s not allowed he’s waiting should England need a penalty taker. And once he’s fired home the winner, he could serve up a delicious treat to celebrate. What more could you ask for?


He’s known for his accuracy, Robin from would be the perfect England penalty taker. When it comes to precision, keeping cool under pressure and never missing the target our sharp-shooting mobile slots character is the man you need. Swapping his bow for a ball and his tights for socks…fine, but we’re not sure how he’d feel about trading his signature greens for England’s famous whites.


Winning penalties is all about tactics, with some players opting to try distracting the goalkeeper before firing off a winning shot. And that is exactly what Zooko, our Head Chef, would do. Our penalty-taking pooch would roll over for a belly rub – like the goodest of good boys – and then, when the goal was wide open, jump up and roll the ball into the back of the net. Sounds like a winning move to us! Not sure it’d work quite as well if Jamie Vardy tried it though…


Here at mFortune we don’t condone cheating, but if it looked like the only thing that could win England the match was a bit of magic we have just the guy. Our Wizard would be the perfect penalty taker for England, not on his talent as a footballer, but because he could do some hocus pocus and make the goalkeeper jump the wrong way. Then boom! He shoots, he scores. Back of the net!


If England need a penalty taker that’ll power the ball across the line with unstoppable force, they can call on our horse. Two-footed tackles might earn him a Red Card, but we reckon it’s fair game to let him smash the penalty home. There’s no chance any goalkeeper could hold on to a ball hit with that much force. We might have to ask anyone sat behind the goal to clear the area though, just in case…

Which other mFortune Characters do you think should take penalties for England? Let us know on Facebook!

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