mFortune’s Halloween Makeover

mFortune’s Halloween Makeover

Published: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 by mFortune


It’s the spookiest time of year, and everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit.

There are fancy dress parties a-plenty, horror films taking over on the box, and it’s officially acceptable to eat sweets 24/7*.
*Not endorsed by your dentist.

Even here at mFortune HQ, there’s an eerie chill in the air and things are…well, let’s just say things are getting seriously spooky. Buster Ghost is working overtime, the Which Witch sisters are wreaking havoc, and there’s been an Alien Farm Invasion down on Old Man Miller’s land again.

Halloween has well and truly taken over, so we thought it was only fitting to give some of our spooktacular mobile slots games a monstrous makeover:

1. Bat & Mouse

The Bat and Mouse duo have stopped chasing one another, and have joined forces to become mFortune’s ultimate trick-or-treating partners. Don’t be fooled by their fluffy exteriors; this terrifying twosome mean business.

2. Boogey Man

The Boogey Man is no longer stuff of legend. You’ll find him here at mFortune Casino and one thing’s for sure, he’s as terrifying as you thought. Chow down on this slots game…if you dare.

3. Ghoul Blast

Forget going for gold, at this time of year the only thing you find at creek is a spooky spectre. You were warned not to go into the woods at night…

4. Mammoth Mummy

They’re slow, they’re stompy, and there’s a pack of them coming to get you. is riding into town this Halloween. Careful! When it comes to these mammoths their bark is nowhere near as bad as their bite.

5. Vampire Storm

It gets to October, and something weird happens to the mFortune . They set sail not on the quest for gold, but for blood. It’s time for a Vampire Storm and you’ll want to bring your garlic on this adventure. You know, just in case.

6. Spook King

Trick or Treat? At this time of year there’s only one thing you’ll get if you pay a visit to . His creepy confectionery has a mind of its own during Halloween, will you dare to take a bite?

7. Phantom’s Treasure

If you’re ship-shape and ready to go, why not join us on a quest for the Phantom’s Treasure? The pirates have told stories of creepy goings-on for centuries, but is there really something paranormal going on?

8. Boolette

will leave you in a real spooky spin. There are twists and turns at every corner, but will you be able to keep a cool head in this casino classic?

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook over the next week for loads more Halloween fun and chances to win great bonuses! It’s going to fangtastic fun!

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