Seven of the Best Mobile Slots Mini-Games

Seven of the Best Mobile Slots Mini-Games

Published: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 by mFortune


When you play one of our exclusive online and mobile slots games, our in-house designers and developers like to throw in some little extras that make them really stand out. Namely, the mini-games and bonus features concealed within many of our slots titles.

You’ll find at least one in most of the mFortune slots games, and while choosing a favourite would be impossible, we have narrowed it down to seven of the best mobile slots mini-games you can play to maximise your multipliers and boost your bonuses at mFortune Casino:

1. Coliseum Cash – Fort-Une

Our latest mobile slots release, Coliseum Cash, may be the newest kid on the block but its mini-game is already one of our favourites. In Fort-Une, you catapult boulders at your enemy’s fort. Each is worth a multiplier, meaning you can build up your balance while bringing the house down.

2. Spin Kingdom – Dragon Trail

In the land of , you’ll meet some rather unique inhabitants but none quite like the Dragon that lives in one of this mobile slot games’ mini-games.

In Dragon Trail, the aim of the game is simple – reach the fire-breathing foe at the end of the trail for a mega multiplier. Along the way there are traps, tricks and even more bonus boosts making this a mini-game filled with thrills and spills. Keep an eye out for the Cash Clash mini-game in Spin Kingdom too, which we also really love!

3. Buster Ghost –Possession Session

mobile slots comes fully loaded with three scarily-good mini-games but Possession Session has to be one of our favourites. Enter a room filled with bewitched items and try and find the bonuses without disturbing any supernatural forces. There’s a chance to win five mega multipliers here if you manage to avoid a ghoul!

Buster Ghost’s other two mobile slots mini-games – Psychic Shock Shack and Scare Stairs are also a real scream…if you’re not afraid of things that go bump in the night that is…

4. Sherlock: Murdered to Death – Find the Lady

One of the mobile slots mini-games in Sherlock: Murdered to Death tests your crime-fighting prowess, which makes it one of our top seven! In Find The Lady, help our detective investigate the clues on the moors in the hunt for bonuses – and the Lady. Find her, and you’re awarded with an enormous prize. Find the Hound though, and you lose everything.

5. Bake Me a Winner: Cake-O-Matic

mobile slots features two mini-games that will leave you hungry for more. The tastier of the two though, has to be Cake-O-Matic. Here, you’re a sous chef for Giuseppe and all you have to do is construct the best cake in the bakery. The prettier the tiers, the bigger the bonuses. Delicious!

6. Which Witch – Mini-Game Decider

We couldn’t decide between the two mini-games in Which Witch mobile slots mainly because actually getting to either of them is our favourite part! Line up two or more WW symbols on any active win line and the Which Witch sisters will take to the skies and do battle.

If White Which wins, you’re taken to the Crystal Ball mini-game, and if Green Witch is victorious you’ll play Wheel of Fortune. We love this unique way of deciding which mini-game you’ll play, and as it’s totally random you never know which witch will win!

7. Robinson Riches – Mini-Game Picker

Speaking of unique ways of deciding which mobile slots mini-game to play, we just had to give a shout-out to the mini-game picker in Robinson Riches. This mobile slots game has three mini-games to unlock –Stranded Spinner, Castaway Cash or Island Hopper – depending on the number of mini-game symbols you line up on the reels.

When those golden pineapples line up, you’ll be able to choose which of the games you want to play. Got a favourite you always stick with? Like trying something new? The choice is yours…and we love that!

Why not play one of our exclusive mobile slots games today and see if you can find a new favourite mini-game?

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