The Ten Mobile Slots Terms You Need to Know

The Ten Mobile Slots Terms You Need to Know

Published: Wed, 30 Aug 2017 by mFortune

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From paytable to progressive Jackpot, win line to wagering; how well you do you know your mobile casino lingo?

While the exclusive mobile slots games you’ll find here at mFortune Casino are easy to play, you might come across a few terms that you’ve not heard before. Want to know what they mean? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are the ten mobile slots terms you need to know:

1. Auto Spin

Just want to watch the reels spin without lifting a finger? Introducing Auto Spin! You’ll find this functionality on all of mFortune’s mobile slots games, and it’s really easy to understand and use. Simply put; Auto Spins put you in control.

You decide how many spins you want, and the value of each spin. You can also set the spins to come to a stop when your credit drops below a certain amount, or when you win over a certain amount. You can bring the Auto Spins to a stop manually too, if you want to make any changes.

See? We told you they put you in control.

2. Bet

Your bet (sometimes called “wager” or “stake”) is the amount you spend every time you hit ‘Spin’. This is calculated by cost per win line times the number of win lines played. For example: if you chose to bet 10p a line and play on ten win lines, your bet will cost you £1.

Again, you are in complete control and can change the number of win lines you play across – and how much you choose to stake per win line – whenever and as often as you like.

It’s worth noting here too, that should you activate any free spins, they will be locked at your previous bet amount. Once the free spins have ended, you will be able to change your bet.

3. Mini-Game

Here at mFortune, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most exciting mobile slots games around and that’s why you’ll find that many of them feature a mini-game or two.

These exciting extras are unlocked by matching two or more mini-game symbols on an active win line and are ways for you to boost your prize pot.

These mini games transport you away from the reels and use your original bet amount as a base. Some of our mini-games have guaranteed wins, others don’t; but what they all have in common is they’re a great added twist to your mobile slots experience!

4. Multiplier

This mobile slots term is one you’ll hear a lot, but is fairly self-explanatory! Multipliers multiply your win by a certain amount. 2x multipliers for example, times your win by two; a 5x multiplier times’ it by five and so on.

Multipliers can be accumulated in mini-games or attached to specific symbols on the reels. Different combinations of different symbols can also change multiplier amounts. Keep an eye out for “X NUMBER” as this will boost your wins!

5. Paytable

Found in each and every mobile slots game is the paytable – just tap the ‘i’ button to bring it up! The paytable displays all of the possible winning combinations of symbols – and their attached multipliers – along with how much can be won per combination.

The paytables will also show you the number of mini-games along with details of how to play them. You can also see the number of win lines and how they are laid out in each of our mobile slots games. Basically, the paytable is a great place to start when you download any new mobile slots game!

6. Progressive Jackpot

Each mFortune online slots game features a huge progressive Jackpot, and these make our games really interesting.

Progressive Jackpots are Jackpots that are added to every time a game is played. That’s why you’ll see that Jackpots on our most popular games – such as Cat & Mouse – hitting dizzying heights

Every spin played on each game adds a small percentage to the progressive Jackpot, meaning they rise and rise very quickly. Our progressive Jackpots grow and grow, and can be won at any time by any bet. We wonder when the next one will be won!

7. Random Number Generator (RNG)

Mobile slots are a game of chance; there are no guaranteed wins and there is no way to predict what the outcome of the next spin will be or when those Jackpot symbols will align in your favour.

Like all online slots, ours use a sophisticated and highly tested mechanic called a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG will give random outcomes each time, and there’s a lot of complicated maths at work behind the scenes.

As a regulated casino, all of our games are rigorously and independently tested to ensure that they are compliant and fair. This means that while all slots games are a game of luck, they are not a “fix” and there is always a chance that you could strike it lucky!

8. Symbols

The symbols are the icons or images that appear on the reels. Here at mFortune, we don’t want just any old, boring, slots games. That’s why all of our symbols are designed in-house and are unique to each game. Check out the paytable in each individual game to see what each symbol looks like. There are a number of different types of symbols you might see too. These include:

Mini-Game Symbol – Line up two or more of the mini-game symbols on an active win line to launch the mini-game. The more mini-game symbols you have, the bigger the multipliers you can play for are.

Wilds – Wild symbols usually replace any other symbol to produce a winning combination. They won’t however act as a Jackpot symbol.

Jackpot – The big one! Line up five of these on an active win line and the progressive Jackpot is yours!

9. Win line

Ever wondered what the numbers on the left and right-hand-sides of your slots games are? Those are the win lines. When you line up symbols on those lines, it becomes a winning line. These can go horizontally or in a zig-zag line. Our games have anything from nine up to twenty win lines!

You can choose how many win lines you want to bet on, and how much you want to bet per line. This is just another of the ways you have complete control and flexibility when it comes to your mobile slots experience.

10. Wagering Requirements

This is one you’ll have probably heard loads, but what exactly are wagering requirements? This mobile slots term refers to the number of times you have to play an amount of money before you can withdraw it. You can read loads more about mobile casino wagering requirements here, but here at mFortune we have NONE so you keep what you win!

There you have it then, a quick glossary to help you understand some common mobile slots terms!

Now you’re clued up, why not pick one of our games to play and see what you can win?

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