mFortune Character’s New Year’s Resolutions

mFortune Character’s New Year’s Resolutions

Published: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 by mFortune

If there’s one thing we all do in January, it’s make a New Year’s Resolution. Whether it’s a huge goal or a few small life changes, a new year is always a good time to freshen up your outlook and think ahead to the next 12 months.

Not ones to miss out on all the fun, some of mFortune’s mobile slots characters have also been making New Year’s Resolutions. So whether you’re still going strong with your own resolution, need some help staying on track, or just want to see what our characters are getting up to, this blog is for you!

Buster from Buster Safe

Like many people, Buster from Buster Safe has made a New Year’s Resolution to switch up his career in 2019. He turned his back on a life of crime a while ago, but life as a just doesn’t seem to be cutting it. This year, he’s hoping to find a new job he can really be passionate about.

Something food-related is out – there are already loads of foodie faces at mFortune – but Buster thinks he’s spotted a gap in the market. He’s polished off his dancing shoes and is getting ready to bust a move and enjoy a new career as a dancer. We’re sure he’ll put his best foot forward and body-pop his way to an mFortune’s Got Talent 2019 final spot!

Spin A Win Host

Speaking of mFortune’s Got Talent, our Spin A Win host is another character setting his sights on a new job this year. Our enigmatic gameshow host may have only just burst onto the scene, but he’s hoping to make his mark and land a top presenting job – taking over the Which Witch sisters as the host of mFortune’s Got Talent.

He reckons presenting duos are “sooooo 2018” and thinks a fresh face is just what the talent show needs to give it a new lease of life. It might be a bit too soon in his fledgling career to bag a primetime gig like this one, but there’s no harm in dreaming big.

Robinson from Robinson Riches

Robinson from Robinson Riches has spent almost two years sunning himself on his deserted mobile slots island. And while he’s enjoyed catching a tan, he’s decided it’s time for a change. He’s made the New Year’s Resolution to travel more in 2019.

While he probably won’t be heading to the icy landscape in a hurry, Robinson is hoping to visit some of the mFortune crew on his adventure. First off, he’s heading to the Wild West to see the guys, before paying he inhabitants a visit. See you at mF HQ soon, Robinson!

Cashanova Cashpots

Cashanova Cashpots has spent his first few months at mFortune HQ trying to woo just about any of the ladies he can. But the life of a lothario is actually pretty lonely, so our Prince of Parties has an out-of-character New Year’s Resolution.

In 2019, Cashanova wants to find a girl and settle down. He wants to meet someone he can have fun with and wave goodbye to his playboy lifestyle. His reputation precedes him and he may have his work cut out, but we hope this is the year someone makes an honest man of our Cashanova.

Caesar from Coliseum Cash

Our Coliseum Cash Roman emperor has also set himself a New Year’s Resolution. In 2019, he want to me more of a lover than a fighter. He’s spent the last 12 months pitting gladiators against one another, breaking down forts, and generally being a bit of a cut-throat leader.

But he wants to change all that. He’s taken up meditation to help calm his anger, and he’s learning that he doesn’t always have to solve every quarrel by throwing boulders around. We have to admit, we’re liking the peace and quiet so far!

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? Let us know on Facebook!

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