Our Favourite Five Famous Lions!

Our Favourite Five Famous Lions!

Published: Tue, 18 Jun 2019 by mFortune

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Here at mFortune, we’re feeling the love over the giant cats featured in our mobile slots game, Lion Spirit. The amazing animation got us thinking of some other lions we know, and wondering just who takes the title of the most famous lion…


Easily one of the most recognisable names on this list, Simba is the name of the cub who featured in the Disney Classic, The Lion King. Voiced by Matthew Broderick in the animated classic, and soon to be voiced by Donald Glover in the ‘Live action’ (CGI) remake, this little lion is easily one that any 90’s kid will recognise in a heartbeat. It goes without saying that the likes of Mufasa, Scar, Nala and Sarabi are also in the same category.


Now, while you may not know Leo by name, we’re likely all familiar with his roar. That sound announces the start of every film produced by the Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and has been doing so since 1957. The seventh lion to represent the studio, it truly does seem as though 7 is a lucky number for Leo here! It seems that his look and sound was enough for the studio to finally put a halt to its lion search – but that didn’t stop the company from re-designing the logo around him several times, the last of which seems to have been in 2012.


Elsa shot to fame in 1966 following the adaption of Joy Adamson’s novel, Born Free, into a film. Based on Adamson’s own life; the story tells us of three orphaned cubs who were hand-raised by Joy and George Adamson. Despite trying to release the trio (dubbed Elsa, Big One and Lustica) back into the wild, Joy and George quickly realise that Elsa has become too domesticated to survive. In a heart-wrenching tale of love, self-sacrifice and the Savannah, this adaption is something you’ll never forget!


If you’re a fan of C.S Lewis, this lion will need no introduction! Aslan here is the mane lion in The Chronicles of Narnia, and is even voiced by Liam Neeson in the film adaptation of the books! Aslan has helped capture the imagination of many children over the years, appearing in a magical land that is first accessed through the back of a wardrobe. We can only hope that the CGI’d Simba looks as good as Aslan did in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe film from 2005.


On the 1st July 2015, Cecil the lion was shot and killed by Walter Palmer, an American dentist with a love for hunting. However, Palmer did not count on the recipient of his sport being part of a National Park in Zimbabwe and part of a study by the University of Oxford – the fallout for Palmer began with an online movement following a series of pictures posted. The movement entitled #CecilTheLion had the topic trending worldwide over Twitter, and had over 250,000 tweets within 24 hours. Protesters even appeared at Palmer’s place of work, with many customers choosing to leave his business and visit another dentist.

More can be found out about Cecil in the book, Lion Hearted by Andrew Loveridge, one of the academics who took part in the study for the University of Oxford. The book depicts both the life and death of the beautiful beast, as well as the future of Africa’s lions.

These majestic, strong and proud felines have clawed their way into all of our hearts, and who can blame us for feeling so attached? And yet, we have to ask… Just who is your favourite four-legged lion? Ours would naturally be all of the ones that appear in our casino game, Lion Spirit, but why not let us know yours on Facebook?

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