The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Mobile Bingo

The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Mobile Bingo

Published: Mon, 10 Sep 2018 by mFortune

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You might call us biased – and to be fair, you’re probably right – but as far as we’re concerned it doesn’t get much better than playing mobile bingo at mFortune.

You can catch up with your bingo buddies in the online chatrooms, you can play for a whole host of prizes – including huge bingo Jackpots – and, because you’re playing bingo on your mobile, you can play it anywhere! All you need is your phone and a WiFi connection!

If you’re new to mFortune Bingo and are looking to get started – or maybe you’re a seasoned bingo-er and just want a refresher – there are some mobile bingo dos and don’ts you’ll want to stick to so you’re always playing responsibly:

Playing Mobile Bingo Dos

Have fun: First and foremost, playing mobile bingo should be fun! Here at mFortune we have a great social environment, and we want to making playing mobile bingo as enjoyable as possible. If you find that you’re no longer enjoying yourself and having fun, you should take a break from playing.

Join the chatrooms: Speaking of a fun, social environment, make sure you join our chatrooms! Each bingo room has one, and they’re a great place for you to catch up with your bingo buddies, make new friends, and chat to our admin teams.

Learn the lingo: While you’re in the chatrooms, you’ll find it so much easier to chat using bingo abbreviations. Not sure what these are? Don’t worry! Check out our bingo lingo guide on the mFortune blog and you’ll be fluent in bingo speak in no time.

Play the side-slots: We also have a number of side slots you can take for a spin while playing mobile bingo. Here, you’ll be able to try some of our most popular slots games while you wait for BB, our bingo mascot, to start calling the numbers!

Make withdrawals: Managed to win a Full House? Excellent! Make sure you make regular withdrawals when you do win, so you don’t keep playing through those winnings. Had a big win? Why not take a break for a while? We want you to gamble responsibly after all.

Head to the Loyalty Store: You can grab yourself loyalty points every time you play mFortune Bingo so be sure to head over to the Loyalty Store to spend them! Here you can convert them to bonus credit, or exchange them for some great gifts, goodies, and prizes.

Join us on Facebook: Our great community isn’t just confined to the mFortune Bingo rooms! Search “mFortune” on Facebook, give our page a “like” and join in even more fun with us there! You can enter competitions for bonuses, and chat with your fellow players here.

Take a break: Last but by no means least, remember to take regular breaks from playing mobile bingo. Not only can looking at your computer or phone screen for a long time damage your eyes, you should never gamble for hours on end.

Playing Mobile Bingo Don’ts

Play with money you don’t have: When playing mobile bingo – or any mFortune game – it’s important to only play with what you can afford. You should never use money you needed for rent, food, etc., and you shouldn’t chase losses. Set a budget before you start playing, and stick to it.

Stay online for hours on end: They say that time flies when you’re having fun, but it’s really important that you don’t stay online playing mobile bingo for hours at a time. If you’re struggling with this, you can set session limits to help give you that reality check.

Swear and use inappropriate language: The use of rude and offensive language may upset others, and could see your chatroom privileges removed. Online bingo is a place to have fun, and it’s important that every player keeps it that way.

Give away personal information: The general “Rules of the Internet” apply when you’re playing online bingo in that you should NEVER give away your personal information – including bank details – to anyone in a chatroom. Keep your details to yourself and stay safe online.

Gloat and show off: Everyone in our bingo rooms will celebrate your wins with you, but be sure to remain gracious in your wins. Bragging about your wins won’t win you many friends as no-one likes a sore winner!

Be abusive to staff or fellow players: If things aren’t going your way, think before you type. Our chat hosts – and your fellow bingo players – are not there to be abused and this kind of behaviour could get your chat rights revoked.

Drink and gamble: This should go without saying, but never drink and gamble. You should remain in complete control while you’re playing mobile bingo. If you want to celebrate a big bingo win, make sure you’ve logged out of the app for the evening first.

Play too many cards at once: While you might think having loads of cards in play will boost your chance of winning, it’s not a responsible way to play. Stick to one or two cards or strips instead of going mad. You’ll have much more fun this way.

There you have it! A few mobile bingo dos and don’ts that’ll help you make the most of your time playing mFortune Bingo. Why not join us – and BB of course! – for a game or two today?

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