Robin’s Reels: Fact vs Fiction

Robin’s Reels: Fact vs Fiction

Published: Tue, 09 Jul 2019 by mFortune

You’ll surely all know some form of the legend of Robin Hood – whether it’s from the 1973 Disney animated classic, the 2006 BBC series or even mFortune’s mobile slots game, – it goes without saying that the name is one of easy recognition.

But was Robin Hood a real person? From sources that flat out deny Robin’s existence, to others naming specific people from history as the outlaw, we’ll take a little look into the inspiration for our online casino game, Robin’s Reels.

 Robin Hood: Fiction

The first thing to take note of is that where legends such as one like Robin Hood are concerned, no one will agree. So, we’ve looked into both sides of things! There are sources at HistoryExtra that claim the term ‘Robin Hood’ was simply a nickname given to all petty criminals from mid-13th century. The source argues that, while there certainly were men like Robin Hood, and fugitives that felt the need to hide in the forest, they were not all the same person or group. It is thought that the deeds of these many, many men were simply the inspiration for the tale.

 Robin Hood: Fact

However, there are other sources that directly contradict this, some believing him to be Robin of Loxley, Robert de Kyme or Robert Hod. Martin Parker even named Robert, Earl of Huntington to be the folk hero! The list goes on and on, the identity of the forest-dwelling leader of the band of merry men providing more questions than answers.

It doesn’t help that by the year 1300, at least 8 people were called Robin Hood – and 5 of these were considered to be fugitives from the law. Not really the best odds when you’re trying to unravel the facts of history, is it?

 Maid Marian

Here at mFortune, we were surprised to find out that Maid Marian was actually a late comer to the legend of Robin Hood. Originally, the story told that Hood’s devotion was only to the Virgin Mary, and that the Merry Men that followed him had no wives or families.

It was only later on when it was deemed that such devotion may be considered inappropriate, that Maid Marian was introduced. Originally a character in the May Games Festivities that were held during May and early June, she was then inserted into the legend of Robin Hood as both love interest and then, later, his wife. She was also intended as a personification of the Virgin Mary, and a shepherdess – however, in the 16th century, the tales changed to view her as a noblewoman and Robin as an outlawed nobleman.

As time went on, the general inconsistencies to the stories lend more to the idea of Robin Hood being more fiction than fact. In a few centuries, do you think there’ll be debates as to the reality of Harry Potter and the school of Hogwarts? Who knows?

 To conclude, what do you think of the legend of Robin Hood? Would you name him as fact, as fiction, or would you simply continue to play ? 

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