The mFortune Crew’s Christmas Plans

The mFortune Crew’s Christmas Plans

Published on: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 by mFortune

Buster Safe is busy on the run after he tried to steal Christmas and the 9 Lives cats are – as you might expect – busy destroying the office Christmas tree. But what are the rest of the mFortune crew’s Christmas plans?

December is in full swing, festive sweaters are the official uniform for the rest of the month, and advent calendar chocolate is a standard breakfast for most of us. Yep, Christmas is a-coming and no-one is more excited than our gang of mobile slots characters.

Here is what some of them will be getting up to…

Giovanni from Poppin’ Pizza Prizes

Our Poppin’ Pizza Prizes head chef, Giovanni, is on a one-man-mission this Christmas. He’s sick and tired of everyone chowing down on turkey and claiming it as a traditional Christmas dinner. Not in Italy it isn’t!

In Northern Italy where he’s from, everyone eats Lasagne Bolognese on Christmas Day so his Christmas plans involve making this a traditional dish the world over. Starting, with mFortune HQ. We’re not sure whether it’ll catch on though…

Cashanova Cashpots

Where else would you expect to find Cashanova Cashpots at Christmas but under the mistletoe? He’s got his eye on a few of our crew, so mFortune’s resident mobile slots lothario is hoping he’ll get a Christmas kiss.

His parties are the stuff of legend are we’re sure his first Christmas at mF HQ will go down in history with a bash to remember. We’re sure our invite has just got a bit delayed. You know what the post can be like at this time of year…Yeah. That’ll be it. We’re positive…


Christmas is the season to be jolly and for goodwill toward men, so our Sherlock: Murdered to Death detective is hoping for a quiet one. He spends most of the year trying to thwart Moriarty and keep everyone in line so he’s really looking forward to a break.

His Christmas plans include sitting in front of the fireplace with his pipe, a great novel in hand –  crime thriller, naturally – as he soaks up the festive atmosphere. That is of course, until Moriarty unveils a new plan and Sherlock and Watson will be back in action!


It’s hard to feel festive when you’re basking in 30 degree sunshine on a beach in paradise but shipwrecked Robinson is determined to try and get into the Christmas spirit!

He and Man Friday have decorated a palm tree with fairy lights and tinsel, they’ve learned to play “Jingle Bells” on some steel drums, and they’ve been perfecting their sand angels. Let’s just hope old Saint Nick flies past the island to drop off some presents!

Which Witch sisters

You’d usually bump into our Which Witch sisters at Halloween but this year they’re getting into the seasonal spirit. Their devious plan is to give Santa a break and deliver presents on their broomsticks.

Their inspiration? A certain skeleton from a certain film. Let’s just hope this ends up in less of a nightmare than the movie, or Christmas really could be a disaster this year. As if Buster Safe’s antics weren’t bad enough!

Those are the Christmas plans for some of the mFortune crew! We hope you have a great time with whatever you have planned this festive season!

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