Which mFortune Mobile Slots Character Are You?

Which mFortune Mobile Slots Character Are You?

Published: Tue, 27 Jun 2017 by mFortune


Here at mFortune, we’re known for a couple of things.

Our incredible games, generous bonuses, friendly Facebook community, and our unique characters. Taking the starring role in our mobile slots games – and of course our bingo rooms – you’ll know these guys all too well. But which mFortune character are YOU? Let’s find out!


If you’re happy-go-lucky, always smiling and love a game or two of bingo, you’re BB – the mFortune Bingo mascot. You’re everyone’s BFF and love nothing more than a good natter with your friends. Throw in a bingo ticket, and you’re as happy as a pig in mud! We’re not fooled though! They say it’s always the quiet ones, and you’ve got a cheeky streak. You’re known for pulling pranks on your pals, and testing them with brain teasers and riddles. Overall, you’re a great guy or gal to be around!

Gold Macdonald

If you love animals – maybe you have loads of different pets at home – then you’re most like our resident farmer, . From cats and dogs to more exotic critters, you simply LOVE animals. You’d have hundreds if you could. Your pets are part of your family, and you’re always looking for new animals you can befriend. You may even be a dab-hand when it comes to gardening too! Sound like you? You’re Gold Macdonald!


Known as a bit of a chameleon? Changed your job / hair / style / hobbies more times than your friends can count? You’re just like Buster, from – or more recently Buster Ghost! While you won’t have turned your back on a life of crime for a career in ghost-busting like our own Walter Mitty, you’re known for changing your mind. A lot. You’ve always got loads of tall tales for your friends, and you’re never in the same place or job for very long. Hey, that makes life exciting, right? If this shoe fits, you’re just like Buster!

Sweet King

Ah sweets. Whether it’s a chocolate craving, something sour, or sickly sweet, if you’re known for your sweet tooth chances are you’re just like ! Never one to pass up on a sweet or two, you’re always snacking on something sugary. You’ve got an army of friends who go everywhere with you, and they too have a love of the sweet stuff. If this sounds familiar, you’re a Hansel or Gretel!


If you’re a master baker that could give Mary Berry a run for her money and love cooking up a storm, we think you’re just like Guiseppe from ! You’ve got a knack for baking and have loads of fancy recipes in your repertoire. You love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, and are always on the hunt for new ways to tickle the taste-buds of your friends and family. If this sounds like you, you’re Guiseppe! Fancy facial hair: optional.


Adventurous? Loved Up? Keen for a more nostalgic life? You’re just like Cavey from ! You’re a hands-on kinda guy or gal and you love living life on the edge. You’d do anything for your S.O. and you love a little bit of rock and roll. You’d happily take a step back in time – though maybe not quite back to the Jurassic age – and live a more hand-to-mouth existence. If this sounds like you, you’re just like our resident caveman, Cavey!

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