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Experience the thrills and excitement of a physical bingo hall from the comfort of your own home. Or, wherever else you fancy for that matter!

With mFortune online bingo site, you could be shouting Bingo from the bus as you can play anywhere you want!

To play, all you need is an internet connection and an mFortune account! To get yours (not the internet connection), visit the sign up page and new players can get a Welcome Bonus of up to £10 Free* – no deposit needed!

At mFortune, we’ve got 11 of the best online bingo rooms available for you to play in. We think they’re so special and precious that we named each one after a precious stone!

Once you’re signed up, pick a room and select how many tickets you want to play with.

Multiple ways to win the best online bingo prizes

Each online bingo game gives you 3 opportunities to win; by matching 1 line, 2 lines and marking a Full House. To call Bingo on a Full House, you’ll need to match up all 15 numbers on your online bingo game ticket. Manage to do this in less than 35 numbers and you’ll be feeling extra lucky as you’ll have won the Progressive Jackpot!

The Progressive Jackpot is available to win on any ticket and in any Bingo room.

Don’t worry about missing a thing. As an online bingo site, your lucky numbers will be marked off automatically as soon as they’re called. So put down those pens and discard the dabbers, we’ve got your back!

mFortune uses a 90-ball system. This is seen as the traditional version that most people know and love. That simply means we use the numbered balls 1 to 90, from Kelly’s Eye (number 1) to the Top of the Shop (number 90).

Free Online Bingo Weekly Prize Draw

If that wasn’t enough fun and excitement to be had, we also host Weekly Bingo Prize Draws! These free online bingo draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 8.30pm. To get yourself entered into the draw, you simply need a valid online bingo game ticket in play when the draw starts at 8.30pm. It couldn’t be simpler!


How does bingo work?

Bingo is an exciting game of chance where all players have 3 chances of winning a prize in every game. mFortune online bingo site uses a 90-ball game. This means we use individually numbered bingo balls from 1 to 90. All players start off with an online bingo game ticket of 15 random numbers. When a ball is drawn you will see which number it is on screen. If you have that matching number on your bingo card then it will be automatically marked for you. The first person to complete 1 line, 2 lines or a Full House will receive a prize.

How to play bingo online?

The hardest part about playing bingo is keeping up with the numbers being called. But as this is done for you, it’s now a simple game to follow! To be able to play the best online bingo around, you’ll need an mFortune account. New players can even get a Welcome Bonus of up to £10 Free* – no deposit needed! Visit the sign up page to create your account. Once you’re a member, choose your bingo chat nickname (keep it PG, yeah!). Choose one of the 11 online bingo games rooms and then pick how many ticket you want to play with! It’s as simple as that!

How to win online bingo?

So, you know how to play bingo, you’ve got your account, now you want to know how to win the best online bingo prizes! Well, the aim is to be the first person to mark all the numbers on your card. On mFortune online bingo site, prizes are given out to the first person complete 1 line, 2 lines and a Full House. There’s even a Progressive Jackpot you can win if you complete your card in less than 35 numbers being called out.

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