Buster Ghost

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About Buster Ghost

Some of you may be wondering, when Buster Safe managed to avoid capture and sneak off with all that money, what did he do with it all? Well the star of one of mFortune's most popular slots games is back and has taken up a new profession where he’s the one doing the capturing! But not of criminals – Buster is busting ghosts for a living! Buster Ghost breaks new ground in mFortune's history as it comes jam-packed with THREE minigames! It's our biggest online slots game ever!

In Psychic Shock Shack, you've got six cards on the table to pick from. All you've got to do is find two matching symbols on the cards! Each symbol is worth a different multiplier, so if you pick up a pair of stars, circles or lines, you'll win that bonus! If your cards don't match, you'll be electrocuted! Don’t worry though - the minigame won’t end, just keep playing until you match those cards!

Possession Session is activated by spinning the scanning device. You'll be taken to a room with a selection of items in, mysteriously floating around. Five of them are harnessing the power of bonus but one of them is housing a ghost! Pick an item and press scan to investigate it. If it's safe, you'll land yourself the multiplier. If it's haunted however, the ghoul will jump out, and the minigame will end. You can keep picking items until a ghost pops out, so if you manage to miss the ghost each time, you'll rack up five multipliers!

And the third magnificent minigame is Scare Stairs. Buster is at the top of a flight of stairs, with a host of ghostly portraits hanging on the wall. Press Creep to go down a step, and your device will try to capture the ghoul from the picture, but be careful - if you spin the spooky ghost, that's the end! For each step you go down, you will pocket that multiplier. The further down the stairs you go, the more you will win and reach the very bottom for a safe rescue and a massive payout!

When you press spin on the main reels, the spirits will rearrange themselves into your slots. Going from left to right, there are 15 winlines to play on, meaning 15 different possible combinations of the three rows to win on, and you can play from as little as 2p per line. So, if you wanted to play with all 15 lines at 10p a line, each spin will cost £1.50. There’s also an autospin function - leave the machine to pick out the ghosts by itself and pick up the profit! Don’t forget you can deposit in the game or you can pay by phone bill. Our mobile billing deposits are available from just £3

If you're a new player, register for an mFortune account and you’ll receive our welcome bonus to spend on any of our online slots. Plus, when you deposit into your account for the first time, we'll double it for you!

It's easily the bulkiest, biggest, bonus-iest slots game we've had! Three ghostly minigames, 15 winlines, and an ever-rising jackpot! Buster Ghost is your host, who can boast to win the most? Oh, and keep an eye out for another mFortune favourite making an appearance as well!

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