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Cashanova Cashpots


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Cashanova Cashpots Mobile Slots

It’s the party everyone wants to go to, and you’re our guest of honour. It’s time to dress up, grab your masquerade mask, and head to the Cashanova Cashpots ball. This exclusive online slots game is by invite-only, so will you catch the eye of our resident lothario and make off with a flirty fortune?

With 20 win-lines, a multi-level mini-game with some serious cash up for grabs and a huge progressive Jackpot waiting to be won, it’s no wonder that so many mFortune players are falling for Cashanova Cashpots.

This mobile slots game is compatible with Android 5 and above and iOS 10 and above. You can also play it online via your desktop or laptop computer.

Cashanova Mobile Slots Index

Getting Started with Cashanova CashPots

Ready to fall in love with Cashanova Cashpots? Select “Play for Real” from the game lobby, and make your grand entrance to the ball.

This mobile slots game is fixed to 20 win lines – which means you play across all 20 with every bet – so your next step is to decide how much you want to bet-per-line. This can be anything from 1p to £2 per line, and is set by tapping ‘Bet/Lines’ in the bottom left.

As you adjust your bet-per-line, your Total Bet will adjust automatically. Your Total Bet is your bet-per-line multiplied by the 20 win lines in play, so if you bet £1 a line you will pay £20 a spin and so on. Once you’re happy with your Total Bet, tap the floating arrow to spin the reels.

If you need both hands to dance the night away, our Auto Spins feature can help. This lets you play through 10, 20, 25, 50, or 99 spins automatically. To start the Auto Spins, tap ‘Bet/Lines’ and select ‘Auto Spin’. From here you can choose your number of spins, credit limit and maximum win amount. If you reach either of these limits – or you activate the mini-game – the Auto Spins will stop.
You can revert to manual play at any time by tapping ‘Stop’.

How to Play

Now you’ve unmasked the rules and understand how to play Cashanova Cashpots, it’s time to begin!

Set your bet-per-line, decide whether you want to use the Auto Spins or not, and tap the floating arrow to start the reels. The symbols – which feature your fellow party guests and traditional lettered symbols – will then roll in before coming to stop at random.

This may be a masquerade ball, but there’s one thing we won’t hide from you – and that’s that the win line always pay from left to right. If you roll in a win, our party guests will remove their masks and the win amount will be displayed on the screen before being added to your total credit.

Things could be looking pretty rose-y for you when you line up a winning combination of symbols across any of your win lines. With some party-goers or letter symbols, you’ll need to line up 2 or more to bag a win, whereas you’ll need 3 or more of others. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top left and select ‘Paytable’ for full details.

Reel Wins

You could be swooning over a seriously impressive win on the Cashanova Cashpots reels, as you’ll be awarded a multiplier of your original bet-per-line when you spin in a winning symbol combination on any win line.

We want you to keep dancing the night away, which is why if you spin in a winning combination across more than one active win line, they’ll add together to form your total win. We don’t want to break your heart here, but only the highest win-per-line will be paid.

Wild Symbols

If cupid’s arrow strikes while you’re playing Cashanova Cashpots mobile slots, you could be lucky in more than just love. That’s because cupid is playing the role of our Wild symbol, and could help turn a losing spin into a winning one.

The Wild can substitute for almost any other symbol with the exception of the Mini-Game and Free Spins symbols. Here’s how it works: line up two Ks alongside the cupid Wild on an active win line, and you’ll receive the multiplier for 3 x Ks!

The course of true love never did run smooth though, so we need to remind you that you can’t win the Cashanova Cashpots progressive Jackpot where a Wild replaces a Jackpot symbol. The only way to win the lot, is by lining up five Cashanovas – he’s the Jackpot symbol – on an active win line.

Cash Trail and Cashpots Mini-Games

Cashanova doesn’t just love the ladies. His second greatest love in life is cash, and if you line up two or more of his cash pot symbols on an active win line, you’ll enter the Cash Trail mini-game where you could make off with some of his fortunes.

Cash Trail is a lapper-style mini-game where you make your way around a course, accumulating multipliers as you go. Press the arrow to spin the dice, and you’ll move that number of spaces around the grid.

If you land on one of the ‘Add to Pot’ squares, the multiplier value of the related cash pot increases, and if you land on a ‘Collect’ you exit the mini-game with the total multiplier you’ve accumulated to this point.

Land on a ‘Cashpot Spin’ wheel symbol though, and you’ll enter the second part of the mini-game: Cashpots. Here you can choose to gamble the multipliers you’ve accumulated so far, and risk them for one of Cashanova’s huge cash pot prizes.

If you choose to gamble, you’ll get a single spin on the wheel. If you land on the ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’, or ‘Gold’ section, you’ll collect the win from the corresponding cash pot and exit the mini-game. Land on a broken heart though, and you’ll lose any prizes you received in the first-stage and exit the mini-game.

Bonus Free Spins

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a red rose, and if you spy some on your active win lines there certainly won’t be a thorn in your side. Line up 3, 4, or 5 red rose symbols and you’ll receive 5, 10, or 15 free spins respectively.

Cashanova knows the way to your heart. Your settings will lock to your previous paid for spin, but he’s getting the bill with these spins so your total credit won’t take a hit. He really is a sweetie.

Fall in love with Cashanova Cashpots mobile slots today, and see if you can win yourself a pretty penny. If you’re new to mFortune Casino, register for your first account today and you’ll receive a free, no deposit welcome bonus of up to £10*. And, when you do decide to make your first deposit, we’ll match it up to 200% up to £100*. Sign up today, and play Cashanova Cashpots.

Progressive Jackpot

The occurrence of 5 (five) “JACKPOT” symbols on an active win line awards a progressive Jackpot. The progressive Jackpot is available on any bet, with 0.005% of the bet being added to the progressive pot. There is no hidden reserve pot.

When the Jackpot is won, it is reset and begins to rise again. Simultaneous wins can occur, if another player wins the progressive Jackpot then a notification to this effect would occur BEFORE the current player was awarded the Jackpot. The game Jackpot seed value is £2,000. The Jackpot is individual for this game, it is not shared with any other games.

In the event of a communication error after a progressive win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s account. While the game is live, the Jackpots cannot be terminated.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Cashanova Cashpots has a theoretical return to player of 94.6%. This is based on long term playback. System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

mFortune general terms and conditions apply.

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Terms & Conditions
Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
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Terms & Conditions
Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
License number : 000-002091-R-104264-028