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About Double Your Honey

Did you know that on average a worker bee makes only 4.5 pence worth of honey in its life? So winning an enormous amount more than that would just be showing off, right? Well, we love showing off. Bee prepared to buzz off with a big bonus with our bee-autiful slots game! It's time to Double Your Honey!

The slots are buzzing to get spinning and give you some of that liquid gold! Line up some matching symbols on any of our 15 winlines, from 9 to Ace, and our special symbols, and you'll get a healthy dose of cash! You can play from as little as 2p a spin and wins are multiplied from your initial stake! Check the in-game paytable for a complete rundown of prizes!

As ever, we've got a great minigame for you to hopefully add to your pockets. There's no sting in this bee keeping role, as you take control of the bees for bonuses! The bees come with multipliers; give your device a shake and the remaining ones will helpfully arrange themselves into a wheel. Just press spin and win the multiplier of the bee you land on! (If you don't want to shake your device to clear the bees, you can press spin or swipe the screen.)

Double Your Honey Features:

  • 15 winlines to play with
  • Play from just 2p per line
  • Queen Bee feature
  • Bee Keeper minigame
  • Playable on 99% of all devices

There is an autospin function within the game, in case you need a break from the bees. It spins the reels for you, and can be stopped manually, or if your balance drops below a set amount or if you score a big win.

You could be flying away with a hive full of fivers with our friendly bumbles, and in no time at all, doubling your delicious honey! Get stuck in!

We've got an awesome new feature in this game too. If you win on the queen symbols, you'll be taken to our Queen Bee feature. It's a big wheel full of x1 and x2 multipliers! Spin a x2 and you'll double your winnings for that spin! Twice the honey, none of the mess! The alternative is to spin x1 and take away what you won initially – you can't lose with the Queen Bee feature!

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