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Fruit Machine


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Fruit Machine Online Slots

Featuring traditional symbols – including the BAR, Bell and Cherry – Fruit Machine online slots by mFortune online casino, is full of retro flavours that are bound to make your mouth water. It’s a blast from the past that will remind you why you fell in love with slots games in the first place.

Set over 3 fruity win lines, this classic slots adventure is a pear-fect exclusive slots game that you won’t be able to grapele with anywhere else!

If this is your first time spinning the reels at mFortune, you’re in luck! New players can get up to £10 free- no deposit needed*! Simply sign up and create an account with us and our Free Spins No Deposit Bonus could be yours.

So, relive a time when slots were simple, roll in a winning combination of fruits over the three reels and three win lines and you’ll be feeling peach-y.

Get Started With Fruit Machine Online Slots

This is our simplest game to get started with, Bar none. All you need to do is use the ‘bet +’ and ‘bet –‘ buttons to set your bet amount per line. Then choose 1, 2, or 3 lines to play across and hit ‘Spin’ to get started.

Above the reels you’ll find your ‘Total bet’ amount. This amount is calculated by multiplying your bet per line by the number of win lines you’re spinning across. For example, if you bet the minimum amount of 10p across all three lines your total bet will be 30p.

The choice is yours though, so don’t be a melon and feel forced to bet a particular amount! You could bet £5 across a single line for a bet of £5 for example. Any combination of bet amounts and win lines is open to you!

Minimum bet amounts per line is 10p, with the maximum bet per line raisin up to £300.

How to Play

When you’ve peared a bet amount and win line combination you’re happy with, hit ‘Spin’ to roll the three reels, which will stop at random.

Like a grocer lining out his fruit stall, our win lines pay from left to right. So, if you match a combination of 1, 2, or 3 symbols you’ll bag a win. The number of symbols you need on a line varies depending on the fruit you’re trying to pick. Some pay out with a single symbol and above, some need two or more of the same symbol, and some require a mix of two of one type of symbol and a single of another icon.

Any wins that you do line up on reels will be highlighted, before the associated cash is added to your account balance.

Reel Wins

You’ll be feeling grape if you do line up a winning combination of symbols, as you’ll multiply your original bet amount for the single line you’ve won across.

We’re keen for you to enjoy your five a day, that’s why we’ll add up all wins across different lines to give you a bigger total win.

We don’t mean to be bitter like a lemon, but only the highest win from individual lines will be paid.

Finally, you can find out more about the symbol combinations and win amount for all of Fruit Machine’s symbols in the paytable, which runs either side of the game reels.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Fruit Machine return is 90.3% based on the best player strategy (holding reels that can form a winning combination).This means if you choose to hold the reels on a non-winning combination, you would expect the return to be 76.64%. This is based on long term playback.

System Malfunction voids all plays and pays. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

mFortune general terms and conditions apply.

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