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Gold Blast


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Gold Blast

Gold Blast Online Slots Game

There’s gold in them there hills, and Gold Blast online slots, an exciting mobile slots game from mFortune, is your chance to mine for a 24 carat haul.

Featuring five reels and 15 win lines, Gold Blast online slots promises massive multipliers and big bonuses if you’re lucky enough to strike gold. It’s a simple game to master but thanks to the huge combination of wins and progressive Jackpot, it never gets old.

With a Wild West twist on traditional slots, Gold Blast features a whole host of numerical icons as well as special symbols that can win you free spins and kick-start either of the two mini-games. This mobile slots game transports you to gold-laden hills where you can dig and pan for gold, and hopefully land a Jackpot.

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Getting Started with Gold Blast Slots

There’s no need to crack the secret of time travel to return to a time of gold panning. All you need to do to become a prospective prospector is use Gold Blast’s ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols to increase or decrease your bet amount and number of win lines and hit ‘Spin’ when you’re happy with the combination.

Panning for gold in the real Wild West might have been tricky but figuring out how much you’re betting in Gold Blast isn’t! Your total bet amount is simply your bet amount multiplied by the number of win lines you choose to play across. So, for example, if you decided that betting 10p over all 15 win lines would be as good as gold, well then your total bet amount would be £1.50.

Here at mFortune we think that freedom of choice is worth its weight in gold! That’s why you’re free to adjust your bet amount and the number of win lines you’re playing across any way you like, until you settle on a combination that you think’s dynamite. You can pick to bet from 2p a line, with the maximum bet striking up to £20 a line.

Need both your hands for prospecting? Never fear, mFortune’s trusty Auto Spin feature has you covered. Simply set your bet, the amount of spins you’d like, and a credit limit you don’t want to dig too far away from. Then, hit ‘Spin’ to start your automatic spins; the reels will then roll in along your parameters.

If you decide you want to get your hands dirty with manual spins again, simply tap ‘Stop’ to end your automatic rolls and return to manual play.

PLEASE NOTE: Auto Spin is only available in the HTML version of Gold Blast online slots.

How to Play

All you need to do to begin your attempt at carting off with a win is tap ‘Spin’ when you’re happy with your total bet amount, which is displayed on-screen next to the bet and win line boxes, and the reels will roll in and stop at random.

Unlike our rickety mini-game cart, win lines in Gold Blast run from left to right. The number of icons you need to line up and simultaneously sift through to grab a win depends on the symbols you’re searching for. Some will give you a blasting win with 2 or more symbols on an active line, while others require 3+ symbols to register a win.

There’s no need to wade through a river to find out how much gold you’ve rustled up in Gold Blast online slots, we’ll highlight any of your wins before adding those very winnings to your account balance.

Reel Wins

You could be saying “a win is mine” if you do line up a correct combination of icons on an active line! You’ll receive a multiplier of your original bet amount per line. To find out how many symbols you need to line up to count as a win, and how much each win is worth, dig around in the game’s paytable for more information!

Sifting for gold pieces one by one can be a real chore. Our win lines work in tandem, so we’ll add wins across multiple lines together to give a higher total win.

Before we get carried away like a runaway cart, only the highest win on each individual line will count.

Wild Symbols

If you spot a well-placed Wild symbol in the desert, you could be going Wild E like a Coyote. That’s because you could have bagged yourself a win when your prospecting seemed to have hit a stone wall.

Wild symbols can substitute for any other in-game icon, except mini-game and Free Spins to make up a win. So, for example, if you have two Eagle symbols next to a Wild, you’ll bag a win equivalent to three Eagle symbols, what a blast!

We don’t mean to trouble you partner, but we should let you know something. While you’ll still pull in a pretty golden win for the combination – you can’t win the Gold Blast progressive Jackpot fund with a mixture of Jackpot and Wild symbols on the winning line.

Rocky Rumble & River Rush Mini-Games

Gold Blast online slots features two great mini-games that give you the chance to mine for multipliers and dig up a tidy jackpot while you’re at it.

The first, is Rocky Rumble. Head underground in your mining cart and see if you can strike it lucky. Choose from one of the five sections and see if there really is gold – or in this case, a multiplier, in them there hills. Hit a multiplier, and carry on down the Rocky Rumble. Cause a landslide, and the mini-game is over.

Next up, take a dive down River Rush. This time, you’re putting down your pick-axe and panning for gold in the fast-flowing Gold Blast river. You’ve got three areas to choose from, make a choice and get panning. Click or tap the pan to clear the rubble, and discover your multiplier.

Bonus Free Spins

Your prospects could improve on us if you roll in enough Free Spin symbols on an active win line. 3, 4, or 5 Free Spin symbols will award players with 5, 7, and 9 free spins respectively, allowing you to spin the reels without taking funds from your account! The value of free spins will lock to your last spin value.

Gold Blast is 24 carat fun and well, a blast! This mobile slots game is playable both online and on 99% of mobile devices. Sign up today with mFortune and receive a welcome bonus of up to £10 to get started. We’ll also match your first deposit up to 200%, to a maximum of £100.*

What are you waiting for? Play Gold Blast today, and see if you can mine for maximum multipliers.

Progressive Jackpot

The occurrence of 5 (five) “JACKPOT” symbols on an active win line awards a progressive Jackpot. The progressive Jackpot is available on any bet, with 0.005% of the bet being added to the progressive pot. There is no hidden reserve pot.

When the Jackpot is won, it is reset and begins to rise again. Simultaneous wins can occur, if another player wins the progressive Jackpot then a notification to this effect would occur BEFORE the current player was awarded the Jackpot.

The game Jackpot seed value is £2000. The Jackpot is individual for this game, it is not shared with any other games.

In the event of a communication error after a progressive win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s account. While the game is live, the Jackpots cannot be terminated.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Gold Blast online slots has a theoretical return to player of 91.99%. This is based on long term playback.

System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

mFortune general terms and conditions apply.

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Terms & Conditions
Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
License number : 000-002091-R-104264-028

Terms & Conditions
Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
License number : 000-002091-R-104264-028