Hansel And Gretel

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About Hansel And Gretel

Ah, Hansel And Gretel, that classic fairytale. A heartwarming story of abandonment, cannibalism, murder, theft... and chocolate!

The Brothers Grimm's story is brought to life in our cartoon online slots, as their trail of breadcrumbs might lead you to a massive jackpot in this exclusive mFortune mobile slots game!

Hansel and Gretel come with their own minigames to win you enough money for a chocolate house of your own! If you spin two or more birds on the main screen you'll be taken to the Win Peaks game. You'll be in the forest with a choice of paths. There are two mountains to climb - one trail leads to a grand prize, one leads to a pocket-sized prize. Hit spin to send the arrow spinning and go up the hill you land on!

Spin two or more compasses in a valid winline and you'll move on to the Witches Trail minigame! Spin a number and move forward that amount of places, picking up the multiplier you land on, and make your way to the witch's house. Avoid the cage, guard cat, bees and landmine or the minigame will end. You'll keep what you win but if you make it to the end you'll grab a huge bonus!

We've done away with the reels for these woodland winlines - your goodies are hanging from the trees! Just get matching symbols in any of the 15 valid winlines and you could bag a forestry fortune! Keep an eyeout for the bucket of jewels - five of those will land you the jackpot! You can play from just 2p a line, and play with as few or as many as you'd like. For example, if you want to play with all 15 lines at 10p a line, each spin will cost £1.50. There's also an autospin function, allowing your slots to spring up and down by themselves, hopefully bulking out your wallet as they go! And don't forget you can deposit in-game or you can pay by phone bill. Our mobile billing deposits are available from just £3!

Don't forget about our bonuses! Sign up for an mFortune account today and you'll receive our no deposit welcome bonus to spend on any of our slot games. Plus, when you deposit into your account for the first time, we'll double it for you!

If you don't know the story of Hansel And Gretel, basically, two children reluctantly abandoned by their father in a forest find a house made entirely out of sweets! But it belongs to a wicked witch who decides to plump up and eat the children, which is odd, seeing as she lives in an entirely edible house. However (spoiler alert!) the kids escape by casually burning the witch alive in her own cooker and returning home with all her gold that she obviously kept in a big egg.

We don't keep our gold in a big egg - we keep it scattered around these mighty mobile casino slots! Download it now from the tastiest mobile casino out there, mFortune!

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