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Sherlock: Murdered to Death


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Sherlock: Murdered to Death Online Slots

Elementary, my dear Watson! A crime most terrible and most gruesome has been committed. Only London’s most infamous detective, Sherlock, can follow the clues and solve the mystery in Sherlock online slots from mFortune Casino.

Sherlock: Murdered to Death comes complete with a duo of dynamic mini-games, 15 win lines and a progressive Mega Jackpot reward for anyone who can help solve the crime and save the day. Have you got what it takes?

Residing at 221B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly one of the best detective minds around. His crime solving abilities are second to none and along with Watson, he’s often called upon to save the day. And that’s exactly why he’s on the case here.

All the classic characters are here too – Sherlock himself, Watson, Lestrade, Irene Adler, Mrs. Hudson, even the Hound – along with special symbols, win lines a-plenty and two dynamic mini-games to help you solve the case and find out who’s been Murdered to Death.

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Get Started with Sherlock Online Slots

You don’t need the deduction skills of a super sleuth to get started with Sherlock: Murdered to Death! All you have to do is use the ‘Plus Bet’ and ‘Minus Bet‘, as well as the ‘More Lines’ and ‘Less Lines’, symbols to increase or decrease your bet amount and the number of win lines you want to play across and. When you’re happy, tap ‘Spin’ to get started.

No need to set up a crime scene investigation to get to the bottom of your total bet amount. It’s simply calculated by multiplying your bet amount by the number of win lines you’re playing across. For example, if you bet 10p across all 15 lines you’d have a total bet amount of £1.50. Unlike the fiends foolish enough to cross Sherlock, you have complete freedom, so you can adjust your bet amount or total number of win lines any which way to find a total bet amount that suits you!

The minimum bet is 2p a line, while the maximum bet sits at £20 a line.

If you change your mind on your automatic spins there’s no need to come up with a bullet proof alibi to get out of your decision, simply tap ‘Stop’ to return to manual play.

How to Play Sherlock: Murdered to Death

Once you’ve made a solid case for your total bet amount, tap ‘Spin’ to watch the reels roll in at random.

Much like the workings of a suspect board, wins in Sherlock online slots pay from left to right. The amount of suspects, or in this case symbols, you have to line up to lock up a win depends on the symbols you’re chasing; some pay out with 2 or more on an active win line while others require 3 or more symbols to activate a win.

You won’t need a weapon of mass deduction to figure out your win, we’ll highlight any winnings on the game reels before adding the associated funds to your account balance.

Reel Wins

Like the suspects piling up in a Sherlock case, wins will be awarded as a multiplication of your original bet per line. The multiplier amount will depend on the symbols you line up.

Sherlock’s a pretty smart guy, so he’ll deduce wins across multiple lines and won’t deduct any winnings. All wins across multiple lines will be added for a larger total win! He can’t be seen as being too lenient though, so only the highest win across each individual line will count.

Wild Symbols

We hope you won’t be going wild enough to end up on the wrong side of the law when you see Wild symbols on an active line, even though that could see you snatching a win when all the clues seemed to be pointing towards a loss!

Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbols, except mini-games and Free Spins, to make a win. So, if you’ve got two K symbols lined up – for instance – next to a Wild symbol you’d Sherlock down a win equivalent to three K symbols!

Don’t launch a police investigation if you line up four progressive Mega Jackpot symbols next to a Wild and don’t get the big win. The Mega Jackpot cannot be won with a Wild symbol on an active win line.

Find the Lady & Clueless Mini-Games

Sherlock online slots comes with two mini-games…that is, if you’re brave enough to delve deeper into the case. The reward could be more than just solving the case though, as there are massive multipliers on offer.

First of all, in Find the Lady, there are six clues scattered across the moors. Pick them up to reveal the multiplier-shaped-prizes that hide behind them.

You then have a choice: collect your winnings and exit the game, or keep collecting clues for your chance to win big. One of those clues, is a gold coin. Flip it to find the lady and you’ll pick up an enormous multiplier. Beware though, if it lands on the Hound you lose your accumulated multipliers.

Next up, there’s Clueless. Match the criminal, weapon and also the victim colours on the reels for a huge multiplier bonus. Spin the first reel to reveal the colour and away you go.

Bonus Free Spins

You could be sleuthing off with free spins if you line up enough of the associated Free Spin symbols on an active win line. Line up 3, 4, or 5 Free Spins symbols and you’ll bag 5, 7, or 9 free spins respectively.

To clarify, so that you don’t wonder Wats-going-on, your free spins will lock at the total bet amount of your last spin.

The biggest crime of all, would be NOT giving this online slots game a whirl. Sherlock online slots is available online and on 99% of mobile devices. You can make a deposit in less than 30 seconds in-game, or you can pay by phone bill.

There are also a whole host of brilliant bonuses available exclusively to mFortune players. So sign up and activate your account today to receive a no deposit bonus of up to £10 to spend on any of our slots games. We’ll also match your first deposit up to 200% to a maximum of £100.*

Gamble Feature

Sherlock’s a known risk taker, especially when there’s a case to crack. That’s why we’ve included his very own ‘Gamble’ feature. Use the ‘Click to Set Gamble’ button to choose the types of wins that you’d like to gamble. When a matching win rolls in you’ll see a gamble wheel that could see you multiplying your win by 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, or 12x. Simply select the multiplier you’d like to aim for and select ‘Click to Spin Hand’ to see if the wheel will roll in on your selected multiplier!

For all wins, except Mega Jackpot wins, you have the option to enter Sherlock’s ‘Gamble’ feature and stake your prize. If you do not wish to gamble winnings then simply turn the gamble setting to off and you’ll keep your original win when it rolls in.

If you change your mind, simply tap ‘Collect’ and you’ll keep your original win and return to the game reels.

Progressive Mega Jackpot

The occurrence of “JACKPOT” symbols filling an active win line awards the progressive Mega Jackpot. The progressive Mega Jackpot is available on any bet, with 0.025% of the bet being added to the progressive pots. Half of the value gets added to the current jackpot, and half to a reserve pot ready for the next winner.

When the Jackpot is won, it is reset and begins to rise again. Simultaneous wins can occur. If a player wins the progressive Mega Jackpot then a notification would occur BEFORE any other player was awarded the Jackpot. Any players in a game that contributes to that same Mega Jackpot will receive the on-screen notification of a reset the next time they press the spin button if it is within 10 minutes of the jackpot being won. Players will not be charged for the spin generating this notification.

The Mega Jackpot guaranteed starting value is £400,000, with even higher starting prizes possible with a built up reserve pot. The Mega Jackpot promotional pot system is available over any stake on any participating game plugged into the Mega Jackpot promotional pot.

In the event of a communication error after a progressive win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s account. While the game is live, the Jackpots cannot be terminated.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Sherlock Murdered to Death online slots has a theoretical return to player of 92.54%. This is based on long term playback.

System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

mFortune general terms and conditions apply.

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